Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Might Still be a Little Feverish

I could have stayed at work yesterday, but there wasn’t anything I absolutely had to get done that would keep me there. Besides, God invented sick days specifically so I wouldn’t have to stay at work when I feel lousy. I stayed until noon to take care of some normal Monday chores, and headed on home.

The wife and I are complete opposites when it comes to being sick versus injured. I could lose and arm and, as long as I don’t have a headache or sniffles, I’ll come to work and make do with one hand. Even at the worst of my back troubles (surgery 10 years ago helped immensely) I would go in unless I just could not move. But if I’m feeling the least bit under the weather, I whine and complain and hope someone will tell me to stay (or go) home. I’m the worst “sick” person in the world, and woe to anyone who has to look after me. (Think of Sheldon Cooper in that one episode of The Big Bang Theory.)

The wife, on the other hand, has gone to work when she was so sick I thought I might have to take her to the emergency room. She whines about it too, but won’t lose any work over it. I still wind up doing everything for her at home, and she makes sure I know just how awful she felt, but she’ll put in a full 8 hours, and overtime if they’ll let her, regardless. But let her get even the smallest owie and she’s ready to make an appointment with the doctor to have it looked at. Vive la differences, right?

Anyway, I got home yesterday, took a big shot of Nyquil, rubbed one out, then tried reading for a bit. Soon the words were too jumbled to make sense, so I put the book aside and drifted in and out of consciousness for the next three hours. I woke up in time to start dinner (bratwursts) that I didn’t feel like eating, but as I woke up I felt marginally better than earlier.

I took a Benadryl around 7, then at 8 I took another big shot of Nyquil. That combination plus three beers had me ready for bed by 9, and I was out like a light. Except I woke up just about every hour having to use the bathroom (the Benadryl does that to me).

Somewhere in there I had a weird but pleasant dream. In it I was still living at home, as were my oldest two sisters. It was like we were kids again, and the setting would have been back when I was in the 10th grade, but we were all adults. I was talking to a girl I really liked back then, Ruthie, who was the first girl I ever kissed. I don’t remember the exact dream conversation, but we were talking about finding some place to “make out”, though it was clear we both meant to have sex. In my mind there was the disparity between being a kid in the dream (talking about sneaking into my room) and an adult (not wanting her to know I was still living with my mom and stepfather.)

I said something, probably meaning to be flirty, and Ruthie smiled. When she did she turned into L and I was instantly an adult again, and we were talking about where we could go to have some privacy. I woke up before anything could happen.

I hadn’t thought about Ruthie in quite a while, certainly not in that way. Our first kiss was our only kiss, and though she acted like she wanted to date me, it never worked out. She was cute, with raven-black hair and big boobs, and had plenty of better prospects to choose from than me. A friend of ours that the wife and I hang out with from time to time was Ruthie’s best friend in school, and tells me now that she has really fallen apart over the years, mentally and physically. She says I wouldn’t recognize her now if I saw her, which is kind of sad.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Update

There's not much to write about from this weekend. Everything revolved around the wife going to baseball games, which is just fucking awesome. The Friday night game went into the 16th inning, so I was already in bed and mostly asleep by the time she got home.

We did our normal chores Saturday, but I was in a surly mood all day (mostly because of Friday night, but there were other reasons.) She went to Saturday's game, but it was postponed because it had rained all day, and the grounds crew hadn't put the cover over the infield Friday night. She was home by 7:30, which could have turned into something interesting, but it didn't. I tried, but every pass I made was rebuffed. Well, that's not entirely true; it's more like every pass I attempted was ignored or brushed off. I wound up getting drunk and we went to our separate sides of the bed.

Some friends were supposed to come over for a cookout (which I didn't want, but the wife had already set up.) Simplicity and I were going to try to get together Sunday while the wife was at a game, but with the cookout it just wasn't going to happen. The friends bailed, and the wife went to the game after all. As an added bonus, the game didn't start until 7 (the Sunday games are usually at 4) so of course she was home late again.

Is it bad that I sometimes fantasize that she's not really going to the game, but is secretly meeting a lover? I don't get off on the idea like James at Break Out does, though. I'd just like to know that she could be interested in something other than baseball. Unfortunately, I know that's not the case.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Questions - 5/26

Word Length = 356
Required word = suspicion
Forbidden words = Soap, hard, officer, effigy
Bonus words (25) = Tell us, who's the sexiest cop on TV?
Extra Credit (25) = Confess to a crime you committed (or want to commit)

I wrote the first story on Monday, and it came to me pretty quick. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn't like it. I was going to trash it entirely, but decided to keep it and just write a second one. 

Be sure to get over to Advizor's to read the really good entries. 

Deadly Suspicions

The locker room was empty, save for the woman in the shower. Detective Henson leaned against the entrance, admiring her curves for several minutes before she noticed him. No matter what was wrong with her mind, Mendez kept herself in excellent shape.

She barely reacted when she saw him; if she hadn’t already been under suspicion, Henson wouldn’t have noticed it at all. “Hello, Jack,” she drawled, lazily. “Are you going to just stare at me, or are you going to join me in here?”

Henson hesitated as he considered the invitation. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d fucked in the shower, but it would definitely be the last. But Mendez was dangerous, and knew why he was there; he couldn’t afford to let himself be distracted.

“Not this time, Em,” he smiled, sadly. “You know why I’m here.”

To her credit, Mendez didn’t even try to lie. “He had to die, Jack,” she replied. She appeared calm, but Henson noticed the twitching of her fingers; her “tell” that she was about to act.

“Don’t do it, Em! I’m here to take you in, and I’d like it to be as easy for everyone as possible.”

Mendez chuckled. “Jack, I’m naked in the shower. Just how big a threat do you think I am?” She turned off the water and walked towards him. Henson stiffened, in more ways than one, his hand reflexively going to his gun. She kept coming.

“Relax, Jack!” she said, an edge to her voice. “Can I get dressed before you haul me in?”

Henson eyed her warily as she dried off and followed her to her locker. “Wait!” he ordered, and nudged her aside and opened the locker door. He confiscated her service revolver and checked her clothes for other weapons, then handed them over, one article at a time, as she got dressed.

“He was a demon, Jack. I had no choice.” She sounded defeated and tired.

Henson relaxed at her tone. “Emily Mendez, I’m placing you under arrest for the murder of –“ He saw his mistake immediately, but it was too late. Mendez lashed out with the speed and strength of the crazed, breaking his knee and nose before he could react. “Em, please stop!” he croaked through the pain, but he knew it was hopeless. She raised the gun she’d taken from his holster.

“Time to die, demon!” she hissed, and pulled the trigger.

Questionable Suspicions

Paul was beat, but watching Linda in the shower revived him a good bit. His cock stiffened as she rinsed off, unselfconsciously sensuous in her movements.  He considered joining her, knowing she would welcome the intrusion; nobody else was around this late. He decided against it, under the circumstances.

“April knows,” he said. Linda paused only an instant, then resumed rinsing herself.

“How much?” she asked.

“She thinks that I’m fucking around, but she doesn’t know with whom. Frankly, she’d never guess it’s you, so I think you’re safe.”

“Dammit, Paul, I told you this would happen. What did you do?”

“I lied, of course. Unless she has direct evidence of something, I’m not going to admit to anything. I don’t think she has anything solid, just a suspicion. She tried to bluff, saying she knows everything and I might as well come clean, but I acted like I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.”

Linda turned off the water and walked towards Paul, taking the towel he handed her. She didn’t speak for a long moment as she dried herself, but then then finally turned to him and asked “Do you think she’ll tell your wife?” She saw the bulge in his pants twitch at her question. Unbelievable, she thought. He’s getting off on this!

“No, I don’t think she’d go that far. She gets too much out of our arrangement, and if she tells Nancy she loses everything.” Paul leered at Linda as she dried off. Linda saw the look in his eyes and knew what he wanted.

“You’re a dick,” she said, not without affection. She sat on the bench in front of him, unzipped his slacks, and pulled his cock out. “And you’re a dick too, but I like you!” she said to it. She took him in her mouth, and moments later sighed in satisfaction as his legs started wobbling and he released in her mouth. She knew he would be fucking either April or Nancy later, but she got the first cum.

“Don’t you dare tell April about me, no matter what!” she said, getting dressed. “And Nancy might be okay with you and me, but don’t push your luck and tell her about April.”

“I won’t,” he replied, smiling as he walked out of the locker room.

“And who don’t I know about?” she muttered to herself.

A lot of guys my age would point to Angie Dickinson in Police Woman, or Charlie's Angels (especially Farah) but not me. There was never a sexier cop, in my mind, than Cagney, the blonde in the Cagney and Lacey cop show. Meg Foster was Cagney the first season, and she was okay, but Sharon Gless picked up the role after that and I was in love! (I didn't know it until just now, but Loretta Switt, Hot Lips from M*A*S*H, was Cagney in the movie. There was a movie? But I never thought Loretta Switt was all that either.)

The only real crime I ever committed involved me finding a blank check at a job I worked at years ago. The person who wrote it was paying for a service, and had written in everything but the "To" field. The check was already recorded in the system, so the customer received credit for paying, and it was in a large batch of checks. The job was in a kind of government agency, so I figured no one person was really going to be harmed by it. I wrote someone else's name in the blank and took it the the bank the check was being drawn from and cashed it. It was for $150, and at the time it was really needed. I got away with it, but I'm not proud of it, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Room 105 - Part 2

The best part was having plenty of time, and privacy, to really get into the sex. I wasn’t getting eaten up by bugs, or worried about someone walking up on us, having to look out of the corner of my eye or listen for cars or footsteps. Outdoor sex is pretty cool, but sometimes you want to not worry about all those things, and just fuck!

After getting undressed and getting on the bed, the first thing I really wanted to do was go down on Simplicity. It took quite a bit of willpower to avoid diving right in, as I wanted to build up the moment first. I played with her pussy, which was soaked, and flicked her clit while we kissed and I sucked on her nipples. (Not at the same time; I alternated between kissing and sucking on nipples.) I kissed my way down her body, pushed her legs back and apart, and stared at her pretty little box. It was so wet and shiny!

I licked her long and slow the first time, and she shuddered and moaned. She’s so responsive, and it’s really an ego boost to know she was writhing beneath me because of what I was doing. I continued licking her, focusing more and more on her clit, and put first one then two fingers into her. Her moans and thrashing increased, and when I sucked her clit into my mouth she came hard. I continued licking her, gently, then rose up and positioned my cock at her entrance. It was a snug fit, but I slid in easily because of her wetness.

She wrapped her legs around me as I ground into her, slowly fucking in and out. I grabbed her legs and pushed them back, raising her ass in the air so I could get better access. I drove in deep, and she moaned and growled for me to fuck her. I kept changing the tempo, first hard then easy, fast then slow. When it was feeling too good, I pulled out of her and went back to eating her pussy, coaxing another orgasm out of her.

We rested briefly, then I started fingering her again. I rolled onto my side so we could 69, and the feeling of her mouth on my cock was exquisite! After a few minutes I wanted back on top of her, and my cock found its own way into her pussy and sunk deep. There was no grace or strategy this time; we were fucking! I slammed into her, rocking her back and forth with my thrusts and enjoying the view of her tits bouncing with her. She grunted and moaned, and told me to cum for her, and with a few more thrusts I did! I groaned loudly as I squirted into her, relishing the feeling of her pussy clenching on my cock. When I finally pulled out, it was a mess, but in a good way.

As I mentioned earlier, we cleaned up and ate some pizza, snuggling and kissing as we ate. We talked, and watched whatever was on TV (Battleship, I think), but somehow my hands found their way to her tits. I tweaked and pulled on her nipples, eliciting more gasps and sighs, then reached between her legs to play with her pussy and clit some more. I didn’t know if I would be able to get another erection, but my fingers and tongue are always hard (but gentle, I hope.)

We lay back on the bed, and I continued to play and stroke as we kissed. At some point we lost count of the number of times she came, but it no longer mattered. Finally, she’d had enough (for the moment) and rolled me on my back, saying “your turn!” She licked and stroked and sucked my cock, and I loved knowing she tasted her juices mixed with my own. So soon after coming I couldn’t get fully erect (hey, I’m not a kid anymore), but she got me hard enough to fuck her again.

I rolled her on her back and entered her again, slowly pushing in and pulling out while twiddling her clit. I lightly brushed my finger against her butt hole, and gently pressed in a bit. She came again and we lay back to rest for a few minutes, snuggling and petting. When I offered a massage, she gladly accepted.

I straddled her hips, my dick nestled between her cheeks, and rubbed her shoulders and neck. I worked my way down her back until I got to her ass, and pushed and kneaded her checks. My cock liked the view, and the sensations, and started to rise again. I moved up and down her back, concentrating on her shoulders and neck at one pass, then her ass again at the next. Then I lay down on her, pressing into her back, and nuzzled and kissed her neck. I worked my hands between her legs and brought her to another orgasm just slowly rubbing her.

She pushed me again on my back and went for my cock. She sucked and licked, and this time I responded a little more fully. She sucked and stroked me to almost full erection, and I could have easily cum from her attentions. But I wanted to fuck her again. I held nothing back as I pumped in and out; not slamming into her, but keeping up a rapid pace and plenty of contact on her clit. I came a second time, grunting and sweating, as she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply. It wasn’t as big a mess to clean up this time, thankfully.

Once again we lay back and snuggled while we talked quietly, kissing and laughing about our fucking. It was intense, but fun and light-hearted; the kind of sex you can gasp and sigh and chuckle and outright laugh during, and remember fondly for years after.

As one frog said to another, time’s fun when you’re having flies. Before long I had to think about getting back home, so we jumped in the shower to wash off.  It wouldn’t do for me to get home smelling like sweat and sex! Of course I couldn’t resist kissing and caressing Simplicity while we were both naked and wet, but we had to stop or I would never have gotten out of there. We got dressed and sat together a bit longer, and then I left.

Thank you for a wonderful night, Simplicity! We will definitely do that again sometime when circumstances allow!

Room 105 (Part 1)

I kept myself as busy at work as I could yesterday, and still the day drug on. Simplicity and I spent the morning sending texts back and forth about how excited we were, and teasing each other with what we were going to do to each other. She was too excited to even shop (I know, right?!), so finally gave up on that around 2:30. "I'm going to just go check in," she sent.

Finally it was quitting time for me. Simplicity texted me the room number (105) and I was heading up the road. It's a good 30 minutes from work to my house, but the hotel is off the exit before mine, so it didn't take as long. Traffic was no worse (and no better) than usual, but didn't slow me down. 

I got to the room, knocked, and she let me in. The pizza she'd ordered had already been delivered, and I wondered briefly if we would eat first, then she was in my arms. She felt good, and tasted good, and I was instantly hard. Can you believe that I was worried the whole day that, after all my big talk of how I'd really show her just how talented I can be, I wouldn't be able to perform for some reason? As it happens, it wasn't a problem!

We quickly had each others clothes in a pile on the floor, and then I was fingering and licking and sucking and fucking and licking and fingering her in a frenzy. I entered her for the second time and really started pounding, with her legs up on my shoulders, and she told me to cum for her. A part of me wanted to hold off, not wanting the feeling to end, but that was quickly drowned out by the part of me that wanted to CUM! And I did, with almost a roar, as she shuddered beneath me.

I got one of the washcloths so we could clean ourselves up a bit, and we snuggled naked as we ate some pizza.

More to cum; stay tuned.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, y'all! This weekend was mostly slow, but with an undertone of excitement. I have a date tonight that's been on my mind, and keeping me hard, since Thursday.

Friday night, the wife and I went to our local watering hole to see the only local band I make an effort to go see. I've gotten to the stage in life where I don't really enjoy going to see bands anymore; if I'm going to drink with friends, I'd just as soon it be quiet enough so that we can talk and hear each other without screaming. But this band, made of of three guys I know through various means, is kick-ass and I really enjoy their shows. It also helps that they don't crank every amp up to 11.

They play classic rock stuff, as well as some country and blues but with a bit of oomph to it. We stayed for the first set, and I wanted to stay for more, but it was getting late (for us) so we came on home. The niece went with us, but a friend of hers picked her up from the bar, so it was just the wife and I when we got back home. We had another drink and went on back to bed.

Saturday the wife and I hopped on the bike and went for a nice ride while also picking up a few things, including a ribeye from the Fresh Market downtown. The last time I'd bought a ribeye steak it was from our local butcher, and I was disappointed because the meat was a lot more gristly than it should have been. In fact, it seemed like I was complaining about that the past three or four times I'd bought steak from there. I like to support the local Mom's and Pop's when I can, but I wanted to see if I could get better from a retail store. The meat cost a little more per pound, but it was a world of difference in quality! The ribeye came out almost perfect (though I need to be a little more bold with the seasoning next time), and I used some rice we had leftover from chinese takeout we'd had for lunch to mix with a bunch of broccoli as a side. All in all, a pretty good meal. 

We had margaritas later, using my favorite tequila, 1800. Normally I wouldn't use the high quality good stuff with a mix, but the wife wanted margaritas, and I wasn't about to drink a cheap tequila. And even with a fruity mix, you can really taste the difference between a 100% agave tequila and the blended crap. Of course it was so good that I had way more than I should have (plus a couple beers and a glass of wine with dinner) and felt a little rough when I woke up Sunday.

After I got my legs back under me Sunday morning, the wife and I went for another nice ride just for the joy of riding. It was the first weekend in quite a while that we didn't have more rain than sun, so we took advantage of it while we could. I really love when it's warm enough for shorts on the bike, because my favorite thing when we're riding is to reach behind me (when it's safe, of course) and get my hand under the wife's shorts leg and play with her pussy. She won't always let me do it, but when she does she gets really wet. If it's a nice, long stretch of mostly empty and straight rode, I can really get her worked up before she makes me stop (or I have to get back to concentrating on driving.)

For all the playing around we did this weekend, we never had sex. I got a nice start to a blowjob in the shower Saturday evening before dinner, but we got distracted and never followed up. And though the wife was hot on yesterday's ride, by the time we got home there were other things to do, and the niece was there, so we didn't finish anything then either. So all that means a certain someone is in for a time tonight!

So how was your weekend?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - Lost Innocence - 7/20

Word Length - 444
Required Word/Phrase - Ingénue (pronounced an-zhuh-noo)
Forbidden Words - Mirror, Pasta, Doggie, Tutu
25 bonus words - Share an experience that happend at a performance
Extra Credit - Explain where her mother is (25 extra words)
Harriet tried to ignore Teddy, but as annoying as he was he  did give good shoulder massages. Playing the ingénue role in the off-Broadway play was a bit of a slower start than she’d hoped for, and having too much month at the end of her money left Harriet tense. Still, she had to get her makeup done and finished dressing, and she had only twenty minutes left.

She quietly gasped when his hands slid lower, lightly cupping her breasts through her thin costume. She caught his eye in the reflection at her makeup station. “Teddy,” she reproached, “let’s keep our relationship professional, shall we?”

“Absolutely, doll,” Teddy answered, without removing his hands. “And professionally, I have dozens of women looking for parts. I can’t get all of them the choice parts, so I have to be, how do you put it… selective.” He gently squeezed her mounds as he spoke, and Harriet felt a delicious tingling in her nipples. “Besides,” he continued, his voice getting huskier, “You know you love this.”

Harriet had gone too long without a decent role, or, frankly, the touch of a man. She turned to him in her chair, feigning reluctance, and unzipped his pants. She gently worked his growing member out, and looked up at Teddy as she took him in her mouth. “That’s it, doll,” he sighed. “Just like that.” She licked and sucked him to full arousal before turning and kneeling on her seat. She hadn’t yet put on her stockings, or even her panties, so a quick lift of her costume gave him full access to her.

Teddy knelt behind her, spreading her cheeks enough to kiss and lick her center. When she was ready, he stood and positioned his manhood at her entrance. He rubbed the head around her lips and opening, spreading her moisture. Harriet pushed her hips back, just a little but it was enough to let Teddy know he had full permission. He thrust into her with a grunt, relishing the sensations of her tight, wet sex engulfing him.

“Oh, baby, that’s what I need!” she hissed, eyes partially closed. She realized with a little amusement that she still had her makeup brush in her hand, but soon her attention was on nothing but the pleasure washing over her.

Teddy’s pace increased as the waves crashed over Harriet, and soon he grunted, thrusting hard into her. Harriet gasped through her own pleasure, thighs quivering. She grabbed a towel from the table and caught the spillover, then turned and gently cleaned Teddy. His member had shrunk a bit, but it was still impressive. She took him in her mouth again, tasting herself mixed with the last bit of his semen.

“Did you get Mom a ticket?” she asked.

“Sure did,” he answered, zipping up. “She’s front row center.”

“Thanks, Teddy,” she replied, standing to give him a quick kiss. “Now go find me a better part!”
No twists in this week’s story, just sex. I needed the bonus words, so I supposed I’m obligated to tell of my experience at a performance. I hope the story wasn't too boring, but I'm afraid the following almost certainly will be. Be sure to check out The Advizor's site for more stories from very talented writers.

When I was 16, some friends of mine and I went to a local bar to see a punk band, The Radicals, and drink some beer (bars rarely carded anyone back then; it was a different time.) They were a local band that actually had some musical chops, and were pretty popular among the college scene.

I was painfully shy and had low self-esteem (as I think I’ve mentioned a time or two), but when the cute girl beside me started talking to me about the band, and punk rock in general, I was actually able to have a relatively smooth conversation with her. We danced to some high-energy songs together (one of my friends dubbed my moves “the jog” because that’s what it looked like I was doing) and drank beer and talked when we needed to catch our breath. 

She said she was 18 and asked how old I was, and of course I said I was 18 too. No way was I going to tell this girl I was only 16! My cousin, who was with us, caught my eye and gave me a thumbs up for not only telling the lie, but doing it so convincingly.

My friends were ready to leave when The Radicals were done, and and I told the girl since I’d driven that night I would have to leave. I asked if she’d like to go with us, but she said she wanted to see the other band that was coming on. She asked if I wouldn’t rather stay and leave with her later, and of course I wanted to, but I couldn’t fuck over my friends like that (despite the nagging voice in my head telling me that they’d fuck me over in a heartbeat.) So we left, and I never saw her again.

The next morning was the first time it occurred to me that I could have given my cousin the keys to my car and stayed with her that night. In my mind, I made up the little romance that would have followed, with her and I dating steadily and having all kinds of sex. Who knows, we might have gotten married! It was a wonderful fantasy, if only because there was no way to prove it wouldn't have happened.

If things had worked out differently, and there'd been even one night of sex between us, I wonder what she would have thought if and when she found out I was jail bait?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finding Balance

Since April, L had been working in town. To save money, she’d been staying here during the week at her ex FiL’s spare house (basically a detached apartment), then going back to the ex’s house over the weekends. Sometimes her daughter had softball games during the week and L would drive back down for those, but for the most part she stayed in town. She ate with us a number of times, and went to games with the wife (and some of those I was dragged to as well.) We always had a good time, even (or maybe “especially”) when we just sat in the back yard talking and having a few beers.

During that time, I’d noticed that she was a bit warmer towards me than we’d been since last summer. Not overtly sexual by any means, but getting back to being flirty like we used to be. Also, whereas last summer she seemed to act as if nothing between us had ever happened (or if she acknowledged it, brushed it off as unimportant or even distasteful), over the past several months she’d make comments here and there that indicated she has fonder memory of events.

Now I’m not saying we were going to be back to sneakily kissing and petting or anything, but it was closer to the “normal” I’d become accustomed to after we were no longer “on.” I’ve mostly gotten over the sexual part being over, especially since starting a FWB relationship with Simplicity (they say the best way to get over one woman is to get another one under you), but I had really missed the closeness and easiness of conversation L and I shared.

But she finally got tired of the extra miles she had to drive each week, and not being around her daughter as much during this last summer before she goes off to college, so last Friday was L’s last day at that job. She started at another job this week, and it’s mostly training for now, so we don’t get much opportunity to text during the day. She did tell me early last week that she and the ex were getting along really well, and that she could see he was really trying to make things work this time. I’ve heard this before, of course, but who knows, maybe this time it really will work. Fifty-third time’s the charm, after all.

As far as I know, she hasn’t had any contact with the boyfriend since the end of May. The week prior to her daughter’s graduation, she was planning to leave the ex “once and for all” and “make it work this time” with the boyfriend, but something happened to change her mind yet again. I didn’t ask, and she never told, so what it was remains a mystery, but since then she’s been with the ex. There were some fights and iffy times, but apparently they’re trying to put that stuff behind them and things are going better now.

I miss not having her in town and spending time together, and I think the closeness we were starting to get back (as brother and sister, not lovers) will naturally wan somewhat. I hope the wife and I will be able to spend time with the two of them, going on rides and other things, but that will remain to be seen. For now, our sibling relationship is better than it was last summer and I’m at least glad for that. We may never be what we were again, and that’s probably for the best, but we can be brother and sister.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Early on a Tuesday Morning

I had another date last night with LF; I'd tell you about it, but Simplicity already did the work for me. It was fun and exciting, but ultimately a little frustrating not to be able to fuck this sexy woman! What the hell was that guy doing at our rest stop anyway? He could have picked any of the other ones to park, sit in front of his car, and act all emo in. Bah!

Still, it's fun to sneakily meet up, go driving, and try to coax her into taking off her shorts for the drive so I can play with her. So far she's been too shy, but next time maybe I'll take a six pack or bottle of wine and see if that will help. ;-)

My little baby girl, Blondie, had surgery yesterday to remove bladder stones. She's still drained this morning, and she looks so pitiful it tugs at my heart. I tried taking her and Joker for a walk this morning, but she peed once and was ready to come on back home. Joker didn't like coming home so quick, but what am I going to do, take him out again by himself after we've already come back home? Haha... no. (We got Joker first; otherwise, his name so would have been Dagwood!)

We've had Blondie for 9 1/2 years now, after getting her from an animal shelter the day after Penny Singleton died (which is how she got the name "Blondie".) She can go from cute and cuddly one minute to ditzy and highly annoying the next with her constant demand for attention. When she calms down and lays on the couch, she sits like a perfect little lady, with her paws crossed in front of her. She bends like a cat when she's laying out, seemingly without bones, but comes to attention quick if she hears something outside.

Oh, and she's terrified of hearing something outside. Wind, rain, unexplained bumps in the night, all send her skittering for the bathroom, and if she's really scared, the shower. We don't let her in our bedroom, but on the nights when I sleep in the spare room (to save the wife from my snoring), she immediately comes in and sleeps on the floor right beside me. She'll stay there all night, too; she's not bothered by a little snoring! (Though how a little wind sends her to the shower but she doesn't mind my snoring is a mystery to me.)

It's almost a relief to have her this calm for a short period, but I sure hope she shakes it off soon. I miss the goofball, knuckleheaded Blondie that annoys me so much.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Good morning, all. I apologize for the weekend update being (slightly) late today; time just wasn’t on my side this morning. But happy Monday nonetheless!

Saturday was the wife’s and my 23rd anniversary. It’s not one of the “big ones” so we didn’t make much of a deal out of it. The niece wasn’t home that morning, so when the wife woke up, we had some pretty good morning sex (my favorite kind.) Before I came, she told me to stop so she could blow me, and I got the rare “come in mouth” treat. (She spits afterwards, but I’m okay with that.) Then we broke out her favorite toy so she could get in on the action, and agreed it was a great start to the day. Later we went to our favorite Mexican joint for lunch because she was going to a game that evening. I had a nice nap after lunch, and a cigar that evening, and we had a few drinks when she got home.

Sunday was a different story altogether. When the wife went to an early game (4 p.m. on Sunday’s, so she left at 3) I headed out too. I told the wife I was going to work on the server at my old office (which is in fact something I do from time to time), but in reality I was meeting my LF, Simplicity, for a date. Of course we can’t really DATE date, because of the possibility of being seen by people I know (and more importantly, know the wife.) But we met at a somewhat remote location and she got in my car and we went for a drive on the Parkway.

It was a nice day, so it was hard to find any overlooks where we could have some privacy. The best ones were already taken by other people (probably also looking for privacy), but we were able to get a little time in alone to smooch and touch. Soon, a car would pull in so we’d have to stop, and if they stayed any length of time we’d just drive off looking for the next likely location. At one of these stops I was able to work my hand into the loose fitting leg of her short-shorts, and happily fingered her until she came.  But soon another car pulled up and we had to drive off again.

Finally, we found what looked to be a perfect spot. There was even a little clearing that was about 8 or 10 feet  below the level of the overlook lot, with a big tree (don’t ask me what type of tree; I’m no treeologist) in the center. No other cars were there, and I was confident we’d hear if one came up.

We walked down to the clearing and started kissing, and before long I had her shirt and bra up, massaging her boobs and sucking on her nipples between kisses. There’s something about being in “public” (however private it actually is) and exposed that makes me horny as hell! After a bit I pulled her to the tree, and putting it between us and the lot, I leaned against it and we continued making out.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts so I could get at her pussy again, and brought her to another orgasm. I pulled my cock out so she could play with me as well, and she kneeled down on the grown to suck and kiss it. She has a wonderfully skilled mouth, but it was very uncomfortable for her knees and she had to stop. When she stood up, we continued kissing and caressing with my cock out, her boobs exposed, and her shorts opened. I think we were both almost at the point of saying “fuck it” and lying down on the grass and getting to some serious fucking!

Then we heard a car horn! Hoping it was a car passing on the road out past the overlook, I slowly turned my head back and saw a couple about 100 yards off.  They were studiously looking off in another direction, but I realized that the guy must have given us a courtesy honk after seeing what we were doing. As calmly and surreptitiously as possible, we got Simplicity's tits covered and her pants buttoned up, then my cock stowed away. We stayed there a few more minutes to see if they were going to leave, but they seemed to want to get pictures of the scenery. Not wishing to be the scenery they got pictures of, we decided to scoot on out of there.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find anywhere else private enough after that, and it was getting time I had to get back to my other life, so I drove Simplicity back to her car. She apologized for my not getting relief, but I told her (and meant it) that I was just as happy getting her to cum. I’m only sorry I didn’t get a chance to lay her back and get in there to show her my tongue is as talented as (if not more so than) my fingers!

But I was still horny. Luckily, the wife was in the mood and we had a pretty good fuck before going to sleep. There’s one more game tonight before the team goes on the road for a week or so, and there’s a slight chance Simplicity and I will be able to get together for a few hours. I need to find someone in the area who will let me use their place for times like these!

So how was your weekend?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 7/12 - Answer it!

Required Phrase ="Answer it"
Forbidden Words = Orgasm
Word Length = 661
Extra Credit = Tell us who's calling
Bonus Words = 50 if you tell us a phone sex confession

Jerry loomed over Edna, his swollen cock poised at her entrance. It had taken weeks of seduction to reach this point, starting slow and building the tension until she finally invited him in after their sixth date. Six dates! He thought to himself. I’ve never waited longer than three!

He would have cut his losses had she been any other woman, but Edna was no other woman! Smart, beautiful, an excellent conversationalist; everyone agreed that Edna was the catch of the century. Jerry had never doubted that he’d win her over, but he was bemused at how long it took.

He knew she wouldn’t give in after the first date, and was not overly disappointed by the chaste kiss she’d given him on the cheek when he walked her to her door. The second and third dates had hardly been better, but the kisses lingered a little longer. It was on the fourth date that she truly kissed him, on the lips, opening her mouth to him in an invitation to his tongue. She’d stepped into his arms and they pressed against each other, and Jerry knew she had to have felt his erection against her flat stomach. Jerry smiled at the memory of the fluttering that occurred in his own belly at that first true kiss.

The fifth date had been a step back; Edna had held his hand and stood close to him all through the dance, but when he brought her home she hurried in with barely a peck on the lips. He considered not even bothering asking her for a next date, but decided to take one last stab at it. She’d called the date off twice during the day, but each time she called back after a few minutes to say she’d changed her mind and would go out after all. Then during dinner she barely spoke, and stared at her plate. Jerry fumed, and swore that he would drop her off and never call her again.

But when they got to her front door, Edna invited him for a nightcap. She seemed on edge as she mixed them a drink (Scotch and soda for him, gin and tonic for her), but as they sat on the loveseat and sipped their drinks, she started loosening up. Soon she scooted closer to him, and as they kissed he realized that this would be the night. Her passion and aggression surprised him, considering how demure she’d been up to this point.

He was certain she would stop him when he caressed her breast over her dress, but she’d leaned into his hand. Later when his hand ran up her inner thigh, instead of clamping them together to halt his progress, she’d opened them, slightly at first, then wider, inviting him in further. She’d murmured “Follow me,” as she stood and lead him down the hallway to her room, and once there had shucked off her dress, slip, and panty hose in the time he’d needed just to take off his shoes and unbuckle his belt.
“Let me help,” she sighed, stepping up and undoing the buttons to his slacks. She pushed them down, sliding her hands over his hips as she followed them, looking up at him from her kneeling position. She smiled as she pulled his boxers over his erection, and blinked in mild surprise when it sprang up in front of her. She licked the tip and slid her mouth slowly down his entire length before raising back up and beckoning him to the bed. He quickly threw off his remaining clothes as she laid back.

Her responsiveness as he licked and sucked her pussy to a plump, wet fullness pleased him, and he hurriedly crawled back up the length of her body. The anticipation of entering her was made sweeter by the brief delay as he paused to reflect on their courtship.

When the phone rang, she smiled at him and said “Answer it.” He looked at her, confused. “Answer it!” she said, more insistently. “Answer the goddamned phone!” she snarled, still smiling prettily.
Jerry woke to Edna pushing his shoulder. He blinked his eyes, remembering where and when he was. The phone continued ringing. 

“Would you please answer the fucking phone?” she growled, sleepily. 


Is it sweet that a man would have a wet dream about his own wife? Or sad that the dream was from years earlier, when the relationship was still new and fresh and fun? Go read some other, and better, takes on this week's FFF at Advizor's site.

I went over the limit, but by exactly 50 words, so that means I have to make a phone sex confession. I’m not really comfortable talking on the phone anyway, and prefer Skype sex, or even sexting, to phone sex. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way I’ve always been.

The few times I have engaged in phone sex have been okay, I guess. The best was when I was in the Army, calling home from Kuwait from the satellite phone center they had set up. This was in 1991, so cell phones weren’t widely in use, and this call wound up costing us a ton! I loved hearing the wife’s voice after going so long apart, but even though I played along when she wanted to talk dirty, it just didn’t do anything for me. I’d masturbate over and over to the letters she wrote, and the pictures she sent (Polaroid photos back then, of course.) And though I loved to listen to the squelching sounds and she fingered her pussy for me, holding the phone close so I could hear, it just didn’t enflame me.

So I lied to her when I told her I was going to cum, breathing harder to sell the lie. I gasped, and moaned, then sighed in relief. Yes, I faked an orgasm (that word isn’t forbidden outside the story, right?) so that she’d feel better, thinking she’d had that effect on me. Twenty-plus years later, I’ve still never told her the truth.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What the L (Part 6)

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall
                                                                            Come to your brother - Thou shall not die                                                                            Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear                                                                            Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill
                                                                                                                             Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann

When I told L I was looking to make a customized ring-tone for her on my cell, she suggested the above. I'd never noticed the meaning of the lyrics before.

There were two things I knew for certain after that weekend (read “What the L (Part 5)” if you need a refresher): L was going to fuck TOG, and she was going to get caught. We talked and argued about it a great deal over the next three day, in Skype and via text messaging, and at times she’d agree with me that it was a bad idea and say she wasn’t going to go through with it. Then the next time I’d talk to her, she’d say he called or texted her and now she was right back to wanting him.

She left work early Monday with bronchitis, and wound up being off all week. I knew TOG had odd hours as a truck driver, and was usually off during the day. I just knew that L would wind up meeting him on one of those days (and probably would have if she hadn’t felt so cruddy) and my desperation got more severe each day. On the other hand, I did tell her that if she did fuck him, I wanted her to take pictures for me. I found the idea of seeing her with someone else’s cock in her mouth or pussy to be strangely exciting, even as it made my stomach feel like there was a ball of acid eating away at me.

On Tuesday she was feeling a little better and told me she was going to the big mall in the next city, and though I didn’t say anything about it, I figured she was lying and was going to meet him. Maybe she knew I was suspicious, maybe she was just bored, but either way she kept up a running commentary with me while she was shopping. She even sent pictures of the various things she was looking at and considering buying. When she said she was going to Spencer’s, I suggested she get herself a vibrator (half jokingly) since she liked what I’d done with the dildo before. She thought it was a great idea, and wound up buying one (after sending me pictures of the ones she was looking at.) I don’t know if she was talking to TOG at the same time or not.

Wednesday morning we got into a big blowup about him because something she said (along with a conversation I’d seen between them on her Skype account) sounded like she was thinking of leaving B to be with him. She denied it, but not very vigorously, and I was practically lecturing her about it. But I was on my way to client where I would be out of cell range for a while, and had to let it go. I was distracted while at the client’s, and kept making little mistakes that kept me there longer than it should have, but finally got through the issue.

When I got back into range I texted L to see what she was doing. She said she’d laid down for a nap, and thought it would be a good time to try out her new toy. I said she should send me pictures of the inaugural run, and she laughed and said she’d planned to. Then she said that TOG wanted them too, and that got me pissed off again. I asked if they’d been sending each other pictures already, and she said of course they had. I don’t know why I would think they weren’t, but I guess I’d been hoping they hadn’t gotten that far. Just another bitter pill I had to swallow, I suppose.

Trying to hurt her the way she’d hurt me, I asked her if she thought her friend (P) would be interested in hooking up with a me. She said maybe, and she’d text her right then and find out. A few minutes later she said P responded, saying she was flattered but didn’t want to get involved with married man.
I thought L was bullshitting me, but five minutes later P texted me (we’d exchanged cell numbers the previous weekend and talked about the wife, her and I going to dinner sometime) and said “Sorry. It’s tempting, and you’re a great looking guy, but I couldn’t do that to [the wife].” I replied “I really didn’t think L would do that; I apologize.” She said it’s no problem, and we let it drop. I really wasn’t that interested in her (though I’d certainly have fucked her if she’d offered); it was all to get L jealous, but it looked like that backfired.

Half an hour later, while I was with another client, L sent a text; it was a picture of her pussy with the vibrator in it. A minute later she sent another picture, this time the vibrator was on her clit. The text with this picture said “I like it better this way than in.” I sent back “You’re the best little sister EVAH!” When the next image came, I eagerly clicked on the thumbnail, only to be surprised by a video, with sound, with my volume turned up loud. Remember, I was with a client, and the sudden moan coming from my phone was a shock to both of us (fortunately he couldn’t see the phone.) I cut it off quick and we both pretended nothing had happened, and I finished up the work.

When I got to my truck, I started the video again. It was about a 30 second clip of L with the vibrator pressed against her clit, her pussy and asshole clenching and unclenching as her orgasm exploded through her. I watched it three or four times before I finally responded, telling her how hot it was. I asked if she sent it to TOG and she said she didn’t, it was especially for me. I allowed myself to feel good about that for most of the day before I acknowledged that was almost certainly a lie.

We got into another big fight Thursday morning because I was again telling her how reckless and stupid she was being, messing around with TOG. She said it was no worse than messing around with me, and that I couldn’t have it both ways. I explained that it was different, because nobody was suspicious of the two of us hanging out; how did she think she’d be able to get the same level of trust about this guy? We went back and forth for a while, but the fight turned into an argument, then a disagreement, then a discussion. Finally, L agreed that it was stupid, admitted that she’d started having second thoughts anyway after talking to TOG on the phone for a while the day before, and thanked me for looking out for her.

In my defense, as much as I was jealous of TOG, I really was concerned for her and what getting caught fucking around with him would do to her and B’s marriage.  Her saying that made me feel a little better, but I knew that it could change again. Later that evening she said she had texted with TOG, but still didn’t think she’d meet him. I was starting to think she meant it this time.

L and B came into town that Friday to take his father shopping (he doesn’t drive), and I invited her to come by the house on their way back out of town and have a beer.  The wife and I were going to meet a friend for dinner later, but we had a few minutes to visit. When they got there, it was immediately obvious that B was smoked, which wasn’t unusual when he and his dad got together, and L wasn’t happy. B is a nice enough guy, but when he’s drinking like he means it, he becomes “big, dumb jock-guy.” He’s louder, more aggressive, and if you disagree with him about something then you’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t know shit.

     B: “Buffalo Wild Wings has the best wings, hands down!”
     Me: “Yea, they’re good, but I like…”
     B: “Oh, you’re a fucking idiot; you don’t know shit!”
     Me: …

In B’s defense, he honestly doesn’t know why this is so annoying.

They left after a few minutes and the wife and I went to meet our friend for dinner. Twenty minutes later, L texted me telling about the big fight she and B were having on the way home, and her saying some pretty mean things to him. She asked if she could stay with us, if it came down to it, and of course I said yes. She wound up not coming, but their argument went on into the next day and Sunday, Halloween, off and on.

Meanwhile, I was in the office all weekend working on our servers, and I mean all weekend. I’d gone in Saturday morning thinking I’d be done by Saturday afternoon, only to be there until 9 p.m. and still hadn’t fixed the issue. The wife and I got drunk Saturday night, and I went back in Sunday morning early to continue working. The wife came by to see me around lunch time, and wound up giving me a pretty good blowjob before she left.

I was talking to L later and mentioned that I’d gotten head in the office, and she got unexpectedly pissed. The rest of the day was really strained between us, and I couldn’t figure out why. She became increasingly short and bitchy with me, but I chalked it up to the strain between her and B, and the pressure she was under with her “thing” with TOG, which was apparently back on again.

She was still pissed Monday morning when we got on Skype, but not as much. She made it clear that the TOG option was back on the table, and that she felt like it was really close to happening now. Fortunately, she had to go back to work that week, so I knew her chances would be limited. I asked her again why she was so upset, and she admitted that she’d hoped to be the first one to play around with me in my office. I’d mentioned to her before that after three years (at that point) in the office, the wife still would not play around even if it was late and we were the only two there. Now that it had changed, L felt left out somehow. God damn, I’ll never understand women!

Throughout the day, things settled down and we were back on good terms that evening. She asked me what was wrong with us, and I said nothing other than her getting unreasonably jealous over the wife, and me not having enough perspective about us. She laughed and agreed, and matter-of-factly said she was going to try to work out meeting TOG the next weekend “for a drink, and whatever else.” By this time I was just done with fighting it, and again said “well, get some pictures for me if you do, hehe.”

Tuesday morning we continued on in similar fashion on Skype, not arguing or anything, just talking about how she was going to try to get with TOG. I think I did petulantly mention that I wished she’d put as much planning into her and I getting together as she was putting into meeting with TOG. Instead of going into a rage, like I expected, she laughed and said maybe when it was all over. She said she just wanted to get it over with at this point, and felt like she’d feel pretty guilty afterward about hurting B and even me. I said the easy way to avoid that would be not to fuck TOG. She had to leave for work, so she said she was going to erase her Skype history and hit the road.

I watched her sign out, then I started getting ready for work. I jerked off with images of her fucking and sucking me, but also fucking and sucking TOG. (She’d sent me a picture of him just to show me what he looked like, and included a picture of his dick. It relieved me quite a bit to see that he was significantly smaller than me.) I’ve never had fantasies like that involving the wife, but for some reason with L I had the strange mix of dread and excitement over it.

Thirty minutes later I saw L’s Skype account sign back in. I quickly typed in the window “Get back to work!” but then realized that it was most likely B getting on the computer, and L hadn’t logged out of her account properly. I texted her what was going on, and she was a little anxious. She texted B and said I’d noticed her account on, and asked him to sign him out for her.

Suddenly, L texted me “OMG Rob! B just asked ‘who the fuck is [TOG]?’ What do I do?!”  Uh, oh! I told her to say it’s just a friend, and to deny anything. I asked if she’d deleted all of their conversations, and she said she thought so, but now couldn’t think straight. She begged me to log into her account and make sure it was all cleaned up, but she doesn’t understand how that all works: it was already too late for that.

It turns out that B, not having paid any attention to Skype, wouldn’t have seen anything if L hadn’t asked him to close it out. When he went  to the program to close it, he noticed a message in there that said something along the lines of “I can’t wait to… ” from TOG.  I never learned exactly what it was, but it definitely wasn’t something “just a friend” would send. Now I might have been able to get out of it had I been in her place, but L just doesn’t think quick on her feet when confronted with something like this. She caved, and admitted to B that she’d had a flirty online relationship with TOG, but that it would never have gone past that. They talked it out, and though L and I knew better, B bought it.

L was keeping me up to date on how the discussion was going, and told me how bad she felt for causing this pain for B, kicking herself for being so stupid, etc. She maintained the lie that it was just for fun, and she was never seriously going to meet him. She told him that I knew about it and had been trying to get her to stop it, saying that it was just as wrong to “play” online as to fuck around. This served to earn me brownie points with B, incidentally. The last I heard from L was around 5:30 that evening when she told me she’d talk to me the next day.

The next morning I hadn’t heard from L, either in text or Skype, and by the time she would normally be getting on the road I was starting to get worried. I tried calling her, but she didn’t answer. Two seconds after hung up, B called me. I was nervous when I answered, wondering if he was going to bitch me out over the events and my part in it. As it happens, he was calling to tell me that they’d been out late the night before, and L had gotten shit-faced on oatmeal cookie shots (they’re made with Jaegermeister, Goldschlager, butterscotch schnapps, and the tears of shame and regret. I'm actually pretty good at making them.) He was laughing good-naturedly when he said she was still in bed and wasn’t going to work, so I asked him to have her call me when she was alive again.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hypothetically Speaking

Over the weekend, my LF and I were emailing when she mentioned that she was coming to town on Sunday to do some shoe shopping. The wife didn’t have a game to go to, so I didn’t think much about it because there wouldn’t be any way I could sneak out to meet her. Then LF mentioned that she had Monday off, so I suggested that she wait until Monday to do her shoe shopping because the wife would be at a game and I could meet her for dinner. Finally, we agreed on a place where we could get a bite and have a beer, and finally talk face-to-face.

I had that middle-low hum of anticipation all day from the excitement of meeting her, the uncertainty of what would happen, and the anxiety of running into someone I know and having to come up with a cover for why I’m having a beer with a female friend. Paranoid, maybe, but it added to the whole buzz, if you know what I mean.

She got to the restaurant a few minutes before me but was waiting in the parking lot when I pulled up. We greeted each other, and I thought we might hug but we didn’t; I don’t know if she was feeling as awkward about hugging in public as I was, but we just smiled and chatted as we walked in.

We were seated and had a beer in front of us pretty quick, then ordered our food. I wasn’t sure if we’d have much to talk about since we’ve been chatting and texting for some time, but the conversation flowed well, and we had a pleasant dinner. As we finished up, LF asked what I wanted to do now (as if she didn’t know.) I said “Do you want to blow the taco stand and drive around a bit?” She agreed, so I settled the tab and off we went.

Earlier in the day, I’d asked my former partner if the office would be free after 7 if, hypothetically, I needed a spot for privacy and, uh… talk. Originally he’d said it would not be, because one of the part-timers needed to be there for something until 8:30or so. Just as we started driving, he sent a text saying the office would, in fact, be clear by 7:30 if I still, hypothetically, needed it. (This is one of the reasons he and I have been such good friends since the 3rd grade, by the way.) I told LF that we just needed to kill about a half hour, so I found a nice, out of the way spot with a little shade.

After I parked, we talked for a few minutes more before I finally put my arm around her and went in for the kiss. That first kiss, the most exciting one, with someone new, is always the best, isn’t it? I was instantly hard and the bulge in my slacks was very noticeable, but I had the feeling LF didn’t mind. We kissed and touched, but both of us stayed in “safe areas” at first; caressing shoulders, elbows, knees, face, etc. When I raised my hand to her breast, over her shirt and bra, she moaned in my mouth. When I worked my hand down between her legs, over her pants, she squirmed and opened her legs to me further.

We had to be careful not to get too far gone, as there was the potential for people to be around. We were behind a store, and workers would come out in ones and twos for a smoke break. So we’d pull apart and let things simmer a bit, then go right back into it. I was developing a wet spot from my pre-cum in my trousers, I was so horny! I worked my hand up her blouse, and pushed the cup of her bra aside just enough to tweak her nipple, and when she groaned I knew it was time to find out if the office was clear!

It was a short drive, and the lights were off, so I just had to see if my key still works. It did; yes! I stuck my head in and called out, just to be safe, and nobody answered so we walked in. I gave her a quick tour around, looking for the little couch we used to keep in the server room (really comfortable for naps and the occasional make-out session), but it was at the front of the shop, near the window and door. Not exactly ideal, as someone walking by could glance in and see quite clearly.

We ducked into one of the offices, dark and full of junked computers, but enough room to embrace and kiss, and allow our hands to roam freely. I’m pretty good at the one-handed unsnapping of a bra, and LF was dutifully impressed when I had her breasts free. Her nipples called to me, and I massaged and tweaked them, marveling at their size, then I leaned down to suck them into my mouth. She moaned and squirmed, and as I sucked her nipples I undid her pants. I reached in and found her pussy dripping wet, and as I flicked her clit she leaned against me, groaning louder.

My cock was so hard that it was uncomfortable by this point, so I unzipped and pulled it out. She grasped me in her small, warm hand and stroked me as I continued sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy. I pushed her pants and panties down and she stepped out of them, giving me full access.

I sat down in a chair and pulled her to me, then started fingering her pussy and squeezing her ass. I was rubbing her clit and she straddled me knee for support. She was so wet, and I licked my fingers clean of her juices several times, and then went back to work. She shuddered and gasped in what I assume was an orgasm, and leaned against me, panting.

I stood up, unbuckled my pants, and pushed them and my boxer-briefs down to my ankles. LF kneeled in front of me, licking and kissing my engorged cock. When she took me fully into her mouth, it felt so good that I was afraid I would cum right then!  She started sucking me in earnest, and though I wanted it to continue, I couldn’t take it anymore. I love coming from a blowjob, but I wanted to fuck this woman!

I pulled her up and kissed her while playing with her pussy. I sat back in the chair and pulled her on my lap while she guided me into her. The angle was awkward, but still that first rush of entry was heavenly. We tried in that position for a bit, but I couldn’t get leverage and she was too short to keep herself from falling, so we switched. I sat her in the chair, pulled her legs up and her ass to the edge, and licked her slit. She tasted wonderful, and I loved her response when I worked her clit.

I tried entering her in that position, but my knees couldnt take the extreme bending to get the angle right. I had her stand up and bend over the chair, ass up, and I bent my knees enough to get everything lined up. Her pussy was still soaking, and my cock slid into her, filling her and making her moan again. I knew I wouldn’t last long, after such a long build-up, but I tried to hold off the inevitable by stopping for a few seconds here and there.

Finally, I couldn’t hold it any longer and I asked her where she wanted me to cum. “On my back!” she answered, and I pulled out just in time to shoot rope after rope along her ass and back. One shot almost reached her neck! (In truth, if I’d been trying I probably could have hit the wall from where we were, but I didn’t want to mess her hair. Not this time, anyway. Hehe.)

I was a mess, LF was a mess, but I think we both felt pretty good. I duck-walked into the kitchen area and grabbed some paper towels, and cleaned my cum off of her back, then cleaned up my groin as best I could so I could pull up my pants (still had my shoes on!) LF also got dressed, but her efforts were hampered somewhat by my interruptions to kiss and touch. When we were finally presentable (I think she stuffed her panties in her purse) we left. I drove her back to her car, and we shared one last kiss before she got out. I watched until she got in her car, then I drove home, satisfied and smiling. There’s still so much I want to do to (and with) this woman, though! I can’t wait until the next time; hopefully we’ll have more time and privacy, and maybe even a bed.

When I got home I sent my former partner a text saying “all clear” to let him know I was no longer in the office in case he wanted to go in late (as he’s been known to do). He texted back “Hope it worked”, to which I replied “Hypothetically speaking, it worked just fine. Thanks for the help!”

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Update - The Early Edition

Normally I do the weekend updates on Monday mornings Sunday evenings, depending on when I have the time. But this week, there's no game tonight and I'll be exercising in the morning, so I decided to do it now. Besides, after a long weekend out of town I doubt much of any true interest would happen today, and if it does I'll update this tomorrow when I have time.

So as I mentioned in my last post on Thursday, Tuesday evening and through Wednesday morning just before we set out, I was tense and agitated for no real, discernible reason. But I forced myself to calm down (CALM DOWN, DAMMIT!) and by the time we got to my sister's Wednesday afternoon, I was in a better mood. Thursday morning I woke from a decent sleep and was ready to face what the day had to offer.

Rain. The day had rain to offer. All day, unrelenting rain. After everyone else woke up we talked about plans for the day, but nothing really got off the ground because the weather was so nasty. Ideas of where to go, what to do, even what to grill for dinner were met with a quick glance up to the skies, hoping to see some sign of a break in the cloud cover. The best we got was the occasional let up to a light drizzle, but it never really stopped.

After breakfast (which I cooked) my sister asked me and the wife what we wanted to do. I said I'd love to find some covered area to just sit, drink beer, and eat nachos. It was pleasant outside despite the rain, temperature wise, and I didn't want to be cooped up with a TV on all day. We could have done that here at home!

My sister started musing out loud about their pool-side umbrellas (the big, canter-level type) and how we could rig those up to provide adequate coverage from the rain when the BiL remembered that they had a big pop-up shelter in the basement. He ran down and got it and he and I set it up during a lull in the rain, and it was huge! Easily 12'x12', and adequate to keep the majority of the rain off of us. We set the patio table and chairs under it to dry so that we could sit in them later.

Now galvanized, we tore into action. We ran to Kroger to get some dead animals and veggies for the grill and the liquor store for more spiritual needs, and by the time we got back home we had all but decided Mother Nature could go fuck herself, we were going to enjoy the day despite the rain!

They eat later than we do, so when we got home the BiL and I sat out and had a cigar and a few beers. The wife and my sister would come out and sit for a time then go back in, but he and I just relaxed and chatted while enjoying a good smoke. Angry Orchard has an Apple Cider that's okay if unremarkable, but if you pour a shot of Fireball Whiskey into it, you suddenly have an outstanding beverage. That's what the wife and I were drinking (I had several to the wife's one) while my sister had a mixed drink and the BiL had St. Pauli Girl.

We couldn't get the grill going (it's my professional opinion that the burners are shot), so the BiL cooked the steaks on their oven. I was dubious of what the result would be, but he's a better cook than I am and they came out great! We had a simple spinach and arugula salad and baked potato with them, and the wife and I drank a bottle of wine between us. We ate inside to avoid the bugs, but when we were done we went back outside to enjoy the pleasant (though rain-filled) night.

The BiL had to work the next day, so we didn't stay out long before going back inside to head to bed. I took a shower to wash off the day, and by the time I got in bed the wife was already asleep. She wasn't being mean or cold; it's a defensive move on her part because of my snoring, especially when I've been drinking beer.

Friday the wife and I headed out for a bit on our own while my BiL worked and my sister ran some errands. The rain was, if anything, worse than the day before. We got home before everyone else, and though the wife had hinted that I might get a little somethin'-somethin' it didn't happen. The rain had me drained and frankly, I just wanted a nap. Besides, shark week had started the night before, so I knew she wouldn't really enjoy anything we'd do. I dozed a bit while the wife caught up on baseball, and a little later my sister and niece came home. We helped them clean and straighten and I started getting back in the mood to have a good time despite the weather.

When the BiL got home we sat out under the shelter with drinks and tortillas with a really good mango salsa. He and I had another cigar while we all talked (mainly about how much the rain sucked) then went inside while he cooked yet another great dinner. We had scallops and penne pasta with a white-wine and lobster base sauce he made, and charred asparagas. My sister made some homemade bread rolls baked with rosemary (my suggestion) which came out about as good as any rolls I've ever had.

After dinner we again went back outside to sit under the shelter, and my BiL produced two more cigars. I normally don't smoke two in the same day, but it was still relatively early and I was about four beers into a good, three-beer buzz, so I said what the hell. I expected at least some protest from the wife, but she didn't say anything or seem put off by it, so we lit up and relaxed. I drank a bit more than I had the previous two nights, but still never got really drunk. We stayed up until midnight, and once again when I got out of the shower the wife was already asleep.

My sister made crepes for breakfast Saturday morning, then we got packed up and on the road a little before 11 a.m. Six hours later, a relatively easy and uneventful drive was behind us and we were back home. We took the niece and her friend who'd came to visit her for the weekend out to dinner, then came home and started getting back to normal. We went to bed early, and now here I am on a Sunday morning, relating this to all of you. If the weather holds today, I'll mow; if not, I'll exercise. Maybe. If anything truly exciting happens I'll update the update to let you know.

It's been a good, if not action-packed, weekend, and one that I've needed for some time. I kind of wish my sister had brought up the subject of L; I still hold out hope that she will relent and at least want to know about her, and perhaps meet her sometime. But if the thought ever crossed her mind to ask, she never gave in to it. I was tempted a few times to casually mention L and her ex while talking about certain things the wife and I have done (like the New Year's Eve trips to Myrtle Beach), but decided not to. In my mind the stories lost some flavor by not mentioning them, because the events were so much more than just me and the wife doing them. But I don't want to force the issue and cause even more drama, or reopen the rift that my sister and I are finally closing.

I hope your weekend was nice as well, and that you made it through safe and fairly sound.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Much-Needed Break

Yesterday morning, the wife and I woke up early, packed the car with clothes for a few days, and headed out for Lexington, KY to visit my sister (one I haven't fucked!) and her family. My mood Tuesday night should have been pretty good, but for a variety of reasons I was in a mid-level snit for most of the night, and it started to extend into the morning. Within the first 10 minutes on the road I was well into a coarse, aggressive running commentary on all the idiots who dared to think they belonged on the road with me. The wife finally said (gently) "Babe, this isn't going to be a very fun vacation if you're going to be in a bad mood the whole time."

I thought I'd kept my bad mood fairly well disguised the night before, but apparently I hadn't, and the wife was worried. I apologized, blamed it on general stress and a lack of good sleep over the past two days (at least partially true) and promised to do better. I made an effort to calm down, adjusted my expectations of the other drivers, and went another four hours of the eventual five-and-a-half hours without flying into a rage at every little transgression of everyone else on the road (real or imagined.) By the time we reached our destination, I no longer had to work at being relaxed.

Ever since L came into our lives, my relationship with the other two sisters has been strained. As I wrote earlier, for their own reasons they simply refuse to acknowledge her as a sister and don't want anything to do with her. I used to talk to the middle sister (the one we're visiting) fairly regularly, and the wife and I would get out here on vacation for at least a long weekend two summers out of every three. In the past three years, though, that has changed. I've only talked to her on the phone a handful of times, and those have been polite but obviously strained conversations, and they've been into town to visit the family once.

But a few months ago my sister called and said she really wanted us to come visit, and we decided on this weekend since it worked well into everyone schedule. We got into town just before 2:00 p.m. yesterday, and my sister greeted us warmly and enthusiastically, hugging and laughing and almost crying. My niece came out and I barely recognized her; she's 16 now, about 5'10", and is nothing but legs. She and her older sister (away at college and unable to make it home for the weekend) are both beautiful, and if you saw my sister and her husband you'd know they come by it honestly.

We sat outside for a bit, then decided to head downtown to my BiL's office (he owns a business in the financial field) and to shop a bit. I didn't bring any cigars with, and I wanted to pick up a few for the weekend. The BiL is actually the one who got me started smoking cigars, so I picked a few good ones for him as well. He's a good guy to sit and have a beer and cigar with, and I look forward to that as much this weekend as anything else.

We went to a baseball game (they are part owners of the local, lower-A team) and it was pretty enjoyable. The wife talked someone else's ear off, and my sister and I talked and caught up. We got home and had a few drinks, then off to bed late after a relaxing shower. So a pretty good start to a long weekend.

I don't know how much more I'll be able to write before we get back on Saturday, but know that we're safe and well, and having a good time. Happy Fourth of July to those of you celebrating it, and for those who don't, have a really good weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcoming a New Blogger

Meet Simplicity, a new blogger just getting started. Please head over and welcome her and offer some encouragement.

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everybody! It's a short week for me, as we're going out of town Wednesday, and I always LOVE short weeks!

Friday evening, the niece and I met L and the B at a local watering hole (the wife showed up a little later). They were both already trashed, and not in a fun, joyous way. B always gets more aggressive when he's drinking, but L is generally just silly (like me.) This night, though, L was in full-on bitch mode.

Not that she was being mean to any of us in the party (including two co-workers and their spouse), but she was loud and way too risque. Between her and B openly talking about their sex lives, most of us couldn't help but laugh, but I was embarrassed for both of them, especially L.

The wife went to a game Saturday while I had a cigar. We planned to go out with a friend when the game was over, so we picked her up around 8:30. We went to a local bar that was having Karaoke night. The wife decided she wanted to drink, and I was happy to be the designated driver for a change. We save a lot of money if she's drinking, because she doesn't put them away I do.

Somehow, despite not having any alcohol, I found myself signing up to sing a song. The friend's daughter always comes to these things and is a pretty decent singer herself, and she goaded me into it. (The wife thinks the daughter, who is 24, has a crush on me.) So I sang Georgia Satellite's "Hands to Yourself," and the wife recorded it for later blackmail purposes. (For the record, I wasn't as bad as some of the others who went up there.)

I wasn't planning to do a second song, but apparently once your name is on the list they'll call you back up again later. I tried to beg off, but everyone (including the wife) egged me on again and I wound up singing Bob Seger's "Turn the Page." I only ever did Karaoke once before, and that time it took four shot of tequila (1800, my favorite) to get me up there. I did "Turn the Page" then too, but I think I was a little better this time. And yes, the wife recorded that one as well.

Sunday was lawn mowing day, and another cigar, and generally relaxing. The wife's game started at 4, so she was home early (too early for any fun with LF, who didn't get off work until after 6, darn it!)

L did send me a couple of nice pictures of her in her new bikini. She complained about being a little chubby for it, but I couldn't see any problems with it. I (barely) managed "jokingly" asking for pictures of her without the bikini on to compare them, so I pat myself on the back for that. Although, damn, that might have worked. Oh, well.

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?