Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Update

Happy –Monday-- Tuesday, everyone! Another weekend has passed, much quicker than it ought to have, and here we are kicking off another week. I apologize for the lateness of this post, but mid-way through it yesterday I got busy at work and couldn’t finish it up.

There was nothing really big about my weekend; the weather was nice and the wife and I were able to get out and ride the bike both Saturday and Sunday. L and B were in town, but typically they didn’t make an effort to hang out with us or anything.

I didn’t do any spectacular cooking this weekend; we ate out for lunch Saturday and neither of us wanted any dinner Saturday night, so we just snacked and watched college football. Virginia Tech lost again, and it’s long past time anybody considers Frank Beamer and his assistants to be an elite coaching staff. I’m not even sure they should be considered adequate. The other games on were at least entertaining.

 We were supposed to take my mother and step-father out for lunch Sunday for their birthdays (his is on the 11th, hers is today) but she called Sunday morning and begged off because he hasn’t been feeling well. So the wife and I rode the bike into the city where I work and did some walking around and shopping before eating a nice lunch at Olive Garden. It was enough to hold us through to a late dinner, and I fried some tilapia and we made fish tacos.

The Cowboys won an ugly game against the Rams Sunday that they by all rights should have lost. The ‘Boys were down 21-0 early before scraping up enough offense to score 10 before the half. Then in the second half they got some key stops, made some plays, and held on to win 34-31. They got some lucky breaks, and at least one questionable call went their way, but these are the kinds of games that in the past few years they would have lost.

Sunday was also one of the rare times when I was rooting for the Washington football team because they were playing against the Eagles who are thus far undefeated. Of course that means Washington lost; had it been the other way, and I wanted the Eagles to win, Washington would have probably come out on top. Such is life.

That was pretty much the extent of my weekend, and honestly I don’t know that it will be significantly different from one week to the next going forward. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to get together with friends or anything, so we just stay home and do our thing. What I’m saying is, I probably won’t be posting regular updates anymore. It’s tedious to write the same thing week after week, and I imagine it’s tedious to read it as well.

If anything out of the norm happens and is interesting enough I’ll post about it, but otherwise I probably won’t bother. I’ll try to post FFF entries when I can, and may have the occasional story to relate, when I can work up the enthusiasm to write at all. I’m not going away, exactly, but I will most likely be far less active.

Friday, September 19, 2014

FFF - Bad Ideas Feel So Good! - 9-19-14

Key Phrase: Bad Idea
Word Limit: 2000 Characters, including spaces
Forbidden Words: Naked, Shower
Bonus Words: Tell us about a bad idea of your own
Extra Credit: Come up with a new bad idea

Casey begged me with her eyes to join them in the bathroom while Mark kissed her and groped her bare breasts. She was my college lesbian experiment, and though we’d both been with boys before, since she and I became lovers there’d been nobody else. Watching her now with a man doing all the things only I’d done for the past year made me a little jealous, but it was hot! The problem is that man is my brother!

Mark and I were close growing up, and shared almost everything together. He’s a year older than me, but never acted like the “older brother jerk” so many of my friends have. I told him about my sex life, including losing my virginity to his friend, and he told me about his, including the time he’d sucked off the same friend on a “dare” (he admitted that he’d wanted to do it for a long time, and that he really enjoyed it.) I love Mark, but this threatened to go beyond that!

 “Come here!” Casey pleaded, looking at me as she unbuckled Mark’s pants. She pushed them down and I saw the outline of his erection in his boxer-briefs; he’s huge!

“This is a bad idea,” I muttered as I walked through the door. “That sink will never hold both of us!”


I wondered if I should write more, flesh out the story a little bit, since I had some many characters left, but for once I really feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say without being pressed for space.

My bad idea? Fuck, my whole blog is about my bad ideas! I don’t know if I’ve had any that I haven’t already written about. The number one bad idea, of course, is my continuing obsession with L; fortunately it’s really out of my hands whether or not anything else will happen there.

I apologize for the lack of picture and formatting, but I’m writing this on Friday. I had the story in mind since I saw the picture, but never had the time to work on it and get it cleaned up in time for posting. Now I’m doing it last minute, so what you see is what you get. Now get over to Advizor54’s site to read all the other hot, sexy entries!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, everyone. Nothing much of interest happened this weekend, but it was a nice, relaxing time. I kind of missed being at the beach, but it was nice to be around the house.

We went to our favorite Asian restaurant Friday night because they were having a special all week, buy one entrée and/or sushi, get one free. We wound up getting both, and would have easily spent $70 or more, but because of the deal we only paid $40. I over-tipped as usual, plus the wife put an extra couple bucks in the sushi chefs’ tip bowl since we sat at the bar. It was crowded because of the deal, but we got seated pretty quickly because we actually enjoy sitting at the bar and watching the chefs make the sushi and other specialties.

Saturday morning the electrician came to change out our electrical panel. The old one had over the years been exposed to moisture coming through an improperly sealed section on the outside, and over time it had corroded the bus bar and some of the breakers. It wound up costing me a little over $400 total for the parts and the labor, but was well worth it to avoid some kind of electrical mishap. Still, I hate spending that kind of money unless I’m getting some new gadgets and toys out of it.

I’d gotten a recipe from L for some chicken enchiladas she made “from scratch”, and Saturday night I made a modified version of hers. She’s used a rotisserie chicken that she’d torn into chunks, but I got some chicken tenderloins and cut them up, then browned them, then mixed with a taco seasoning mix. They came out so yummy! For those interested, here’s the exact recipe I used.

1 to 1 ½ lbs chicken tenderloins, cut into smaller bits
1 pack taco seasoning
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 can enchilada sauce (~14 oz, red or green, but I use red, medium)
2 cups Shredded cheese, (Fiesta blend, Mexican blend, or whatever you want)
Soft taco sized tortilla shells (I used whole wheat)

Brown the tenderloins until all pink is gone, then simmer in the taco seasoning per the seasoning’s instructions. Set aside to cool.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place some of the chicken mixture in a tortilla shell, sprinkle some  of the chopped green onions and cheese on top then roll up tight. In an 9”x13” casserole dish I was able to fit in 8 of these total, so plan accordingly on how to dish out the mixture, onions and cheese.

Once all of them have been rolled up and placed in the dish, pour the can of enchilada sauce all over. I had a little of the chicken mixture left over, so I spread it, more of the chopped green onions and a lot of shredded cheese on top. We used a full two cups of shredded cheese, to give you an idea. Put in the oven on the center rack for about 30 minutes, or until heated all the way through. We had refried beans and garden rice on the side (the wife doesn’t like Mexican or Spanish rice, though that would have been better.) Here’s a picture of what it looked like:
Mine is on the right, with hot sauce on the beans and rice.

For my first time making enchiladas I’m pretty happy with the results. It also turns out that they’re pretty easy to make, though.

We had the leftovers for breakfast Sunday morning, ran some errands, and then it was time for football. Being absolutely certain that the Cowboys would only be marginally better against the Titans than they were last week against the 49ers, I took the time to get the yard mowed. When I was done, the Cowboys were just taking a 16 – 0 lead into halftime! Behind a ferocious running game, a much less shaky passing game (though still needing some tightening up) and a defense that so far has been much better than anybody thought, they went on to win 26 – 10.

I hope they can keep this trend going, and get past last week’s debacle! If Demarco Murray, the running back, stays healthy and the offensive line continues to pave the way for him, that will take a lot of pressure off of Tony Romo, the quarterback, to have to win games with his arm. And if the defense can continue to gel and make critical stops, we could actually have a decent team this year.

Oh, and I think the Redskins won too. By the way, that clamor you heard from the South East around 4 p.m. yesterday was a bunch of Redskins fans jumping off the RGIII wagon and onto the Kurt Cousins train. Griffin better hope he can come back soon; three or four games of Cousins being much more efficient and accurate, especially if they continue to win, and he might be sitting on the bench for a while even if he’s healthy.

I cooked us some steaks for dinner last night, with sautéed mushroom and onions and pasta salad on the side. Sunday is wine night so we went through a bottle while watching the late game until we were too tired to stay up (which is 9:30 for us, anymore.)

About the only bad thing I can say about the weekend is Virginia Tech looking so bad against Eastern Carolina University Saturday afternoon. But after 20-some years of the same old thing, it’s to be expected; they consistently follow up an excellent game against a better opponent with a turd against a lesser opponent. Honestly, I don’t think Frank Beamer and his staff really belong in the discussion of great coaches anymore, if they ever did.

Otherwise, it was a good weekend. How was yours?

Friday, September 12, 2014


This is one of my favorite "it's Friday!" songs!

Mix - Beat Farmers...Happy Boy.wmv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZtII8rt_Y&list=RDLEZtII8rt_Y

Have a good weekend, y'all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend/Vacation Update

We're back, safe and sound, from Myrtle Beach; we got home yesterday evening actually. We had a good time, enjoying the sun, some really good seafood, having a few adult beverages, and yes, some sexy times.

It was a good vacation, but it was good to get home and be in our own house again. The wife had to go back to work this morning and I stayed home getting the laundry done and cleaning up, and reassuring the dogs, who missed us, that we hadn't abandoned them. We had the niece and another friend checking on them at least twice a day, letting them out and making sure they had food and water, but you know how dogs are. It doesn't matter if you're gone five days or five minutes; they get antsy when Mommy and Daddy aren't home.

Now I've got to lose the weight I put on at the beach, and start refilling the money tank, and spend the next three days trying to get caught back up at work.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's the Little Things

Our vacation is going very well, though I'm not looking forward to stepping on the scale the first day back home!

I just thought I'd share one of the reasons I love the wife: when she found a coupon for the seafood restaurant buffet we decided to go to, she grabbed a few more of the books that had it. When we got there, she went up and down the line checking if people had a coupon, and if they didn't she gave them one of our extras. I don't know of many people who do that, but it's second nature for her.

And now for a fun song about Myrtle Beach.

Sunny Ledfurd Myrtle Beach: http://youtu.be/Ymd3tRzhNt8

Friday, September 5, 2014

FFF - Strange Bedfellows - 9/5/14

Key Words – Aftermath, Regrets
Word Limit – 250
Forbidden Words – BFF, Girlfriend
Bonus Words – Earn 25 for making them co-workers, 25 more if one reports to the other
Extra Credit – Tell us about your work-place indiscretions.

Ruth blinked in the strong light as she awoke, and rose up to see Amber dressing. “Where are you going, Baby?” she asked.

Amber continued buttoning her shirt and replied “I’ve got to get to the office.”

“It’s still early,” Ruth whined. “I wan-“

“What did I tell you about that?” Amber snapped, interrupting her. Ruth flinched at her anger.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” she muttered, eyes downcast.

“What was that?”

“I’m sorry, mistress,” Ruth said again, louder.

“That’s better.” Amber’s tone softened. “You, of all people, know what kind of day I have before me. I’ll be doing all the work, while that bitch of a boss of mine will take all the credit, as usual.” She glanced at Ruth, giving her a meaningful look. “As much as I’d like to spend the day in bed with you, I just can’t.”

Ruth pouted, but not too severely; she still had regrets from the last time she’d made Amber really angry, and had felt the aftermath for some time. She hadn’t been able to sit for a week!

“No,” Amber answered. “I have errands to run, and you know how it will look if we arrive together.”

“Yes, of course,” Ruth agreed. She rose and also started getting ready for work.

Amber arrived late, and hurried from the elevator to her office. She picked up the file she’d been working on all week and hurried to the conference room. She paused outside the door and caught her breath, then opened it quietly and entered. She made her way to her seat under scrutiny from the other meeting participants, especially her boss.

“Amber, you’re late,” her boss said icily.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” she muttered, eyes downcast.

“What was that?”

Amber looked up into her eyes. “I’m sorry, Ruth,” she said again, louder.

300 words on the head; not exactly an original concept, but hopefully a little entertaining. The formatting this week is bad because I’m writing and posting this while at work on Wednesday before going on vacation, and I won’t have the time to get the picture embedded with the story. Well, I would if Blogspot worked better with my phone, but it doesn’t.

My work-place indiscretion: Amanda was a dispatcher/CSR at the cable company I worked at when I first got out of the Army. She was a few years older than me (easily in her 40s late while I was 28 or 29) but damned good looking. We’d talk a little each morning before I went out on my rounds, but I didn’t think anything of it. Why would she be interested in me, right?

But she was interested, and when the wife was on a long overdue trip to Germany we started a brief affair that lasted until the wife got back. Just about every day I’d meet her at her house for lunch and we’d fuck our brains out. We were mostly cool about it back in the office, but every now and then she’d make a comment that sounded innocent enough but really wasn’t, and I’d blush and get all flustered. Good times.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Y'all Be Good

I'm leaving tonight on vacation; the wife and I are going to Myrtle Beach tomorrow, but we're driving down to L's to stay the night and get a head start in the morning. We'll be returning next Monday, so it may be Tuesday before I can post anything else. I do have a FFF scheduled to post Friday, though, and I may post a quickie here and there as the mood strikes me and I have time.

Take care, all, and I'll be back next week.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Update - What Could Have Been

As suspected the rest of the weekend wasn’t very exciting or noteworthy. It wasn’t a bad weekend, though. The wife and I did some riding on the bike, and generally had an enjoyable time together. We didn’t have sex because she’s finishing up shark week (we hope to make up for that at the beach), so between that and the tension, on my part at least, Saturday at L’s, I’m pretty horned up! Let’s see if I can get you that way too, with the following imagining, pure fictional, of how things could have gone Saturday had B not stayed home.


When I get to L’s, she’s out in the back yard doing busy work. I go back there with her and set down the bag I’d picked up from her friends; it’s a bra and a pair of panties she left at the lake the last time she and B went, staying at a friend of theirs cabin. The friend, who lives closer to me than to L, had picked them up for L and set them on her porch for me to get.

“Here are your things from Barbara,” I say.

“Oh, good! Thanks for picking those up for me.”

I grin mischievously at L and say “They smell clean and fresh, darn it.” L laughs and says that she probably hadn’t even worn them, that they were extras “just in case.”

I’m helping her set a plastic table cloth on the picnic table and enjoying the view whenever she bends forward. “I really like that shirt!” I say, pointedly staring at her cleavage.

“Thank you,” she says, laughing.

Once the table cloth is secured, we stand over by the Tiki bar and continue talking. B is inside sleeping as he does before going to work his late shift. L takes an appraising look at me and says “I really like that shirt; v-neck suits you. I’ve really got a cute brother!”

I blush and thank her, while considering what suggestive, risqué thing I can say back, and then decide against it. I don’t want to come off as pushing for something; it’s better to wait and just let things happen as they may.

“I told B that we’re going to the next town over and that you’re taking me out to eat. Oh, and I also want to go to Victoria’s Secret, which in that same mall area.”

“Okay, sounds good,” I say. I can think of some things that would be fun at VS, but again I don’t say anything out loud. We talk a little more, and I jokingly fondle her bra and panties while we talk and that gets a laugh from L. I love being able to make her laugh. Then we take everything inside, being quiet to not wake B up (he’s still got an hour to sleep before having to get ready for work) and leave for dinner.

We hold hands on the drive, as we often do, and continue to talk. Every now and then I’ll disengage my hand from hers when I need both hands for driving, then place it on her upper leg until she puts her hand back in mine. I’m encouraged that she doesn’t seem to mind, and move it just a little higher up her thigh; not too high, just a little to try to set a tone.

L notices my dashboard camera, which I got just a few weeks ago, and asks about how it works. I take it out of the stand and point it at her, still recording, and she mugs it up a bit as we laugh. I put the camera back in the case so it’s recording the traffic in front of me. After a few more minutes of talking, I see that we’re approaching some truck traffic on the highway we’re on.

I grin at her and say “I dare you to flash those truck drivers as we pass.” I’d told her about the wife flashing on our last trip, and she said she’d done that with B years ago. She turns towards the window, looking as if she’s thinking about it, then says she better not. “It would be my luck that I know them,” she laughs; she used to work as a dispatcher for a trucking company, so it’s not as farfetched as it sounds.

“Oh, well,” I admit, “it was just an excuse for me to see them anyway.”

She smiles and says “Oh, I don’t mind showing you.” We’ve passed the trucks and there are no other vehicles nearby, and she casually lifts her shirt and bra, pushing her shoulders together to make the best presentation. L doesn’t do quick flashes, and I have plenty of time to look at them as I keep glancing at the road; I’m a good multi-tasker.

I reach towards her, wondering if she’ll stop me. It thrills me that as my hand gets closer she leans towards me. I stroke her nipple and it hardens quickly, so I pinch it lightly while cupping her boob. After a few seconds I do the same to the other, which she has turned towards me to make it easier. We’re approaching other traffic now, so she leans back and puts herself back together while I take the wheel in both hands. We grin at each other but don’t say anything, and I’m hard as a rock.

A few minutes later we get near the mall area and I ask if she wants to eat first or go to VS. She says she’s starving, so I turn into P.F. Chang’s and go in. It’s a little early for dinner on a Saturday, so we get a good table as soon as we walk in. We both order a beer and after a few minutes looking at the menu make our food orders. Dinner is uneventful, and almost an hour later we’re done and on our way out.

VS isn’t very far, and it’s a nice evening without being too hot and muggy, so we decide to walk over there instead of driving. We hold hands on the way, and since I’d left my ring at home (accidentally; I took it off while mowing the lawn before heading down to L’s and forgot to put it back on) it would be easy to mistake us for a couple. I hold the door open for her when we get to the store and enter after her.

L has a lot of VS clothing already, and has her sizing chart memorized, so knows exactly what sizes she needs. I hope that she will announce that she needs to try something on so that I can offer to come with and help, but she picks out a few things and is ready to leave. We continue walking around the mall (it’s an outdoor mall, but with a lot of shops), still holding hands and talking and laughing together. From time to time we get closer together and put our arms around each other, and one time I put my hand on her ass to gauge her reaction; she snuggles a little closer, then we part a bit and go back to holding hands.

We talk about going to see a movie, and again I start getting ideas of what could happen in a dark theater, sitting close and snuggling. But there really isn’t a movie on that we want to watch, and we decide to head on back home. By this time, B has already sent a text to L saying he was leaving.

The drive back home is mostly the same, without the flashing episode. I consider asking for another show, but decide again not to push too hard. One notable difference is that when I put my hand on her thigh she simply covers my hand with hers, and it seems to me that she moves it slight upwards as we drive. By the time we get home, it’s up to about the mid-thigh area, just below the hemline of her shorts. I’m turning onto her street as I stretch out my pinky and get it just under the shorts, brushing lightly against her skin inches away from her lady bits, and then remove it.

We get inside and L sets her package down and says she’s going to pee. I walk into their bedroom with her, and sit on the edge of the bed looking into their bathroom as she makes her way to the toilet. She’s looking at me and we continue talking while she pulls her pants and panties down and sits. My heart is pounding even though I haven’t seen anything really. She finishes up and stands, taking her time about pulling everything back up; I’m looking pointedly at her legs and where they meet, grinning like a loon. She laughs and calls me a pervert, but shakes her hips a little as she does.

Everything is back in place as she leaves the bathroom and stands in front of me while I still sit on the edge of the bed. I hold out my hand to her, and she takes mine in hers and I tug her gently towards me until she’s standing just in front of me, between my legs. I put my hand on the small of her back, just above the swell of her ass, and lean up to kiss her. She leans towards me and our lips meet and I move my hand down to cup her ass. It’s not the hurried, lustful kisses that we’ve shared when we had little time and had to rush; this is tender and passionate, and we have all the time in the world (or so it seems.)

She places her hands first on my shoulders, and then moves them to cup my face as we continue kissing. My hands have gone from massaging her ass to under her shirt and moving up. I unsnap her bra and push my hands up and arms out, lifting her shirt in one easy motion up over her head, breaking our kiss momentarily. I pull her closer and nuzzle her breasts, licking, sucking and lightly biting her nipples as she writhes sexily against me. She reaches down and rubs my hard cock through my shorts, and I unbutton her shorts and push them down, leaving her panties on.

She steps out of her shorts then reaches down and pulls my t-shirt up and over my head, tossing it aside. She pulls me up and unbuttons my shorts and pushes them and my boxer-briefs down, letting my cock bounce free. We’re still kissing as she strokes me, and my fingers are under her panties playing with her wet pussy and rubbing her clit. She pushes me back onto the bed, where I sit watching as she removes her panties then leans down to take me into her mouth. I’m already producing a large amount of pre-cum, which she laps up hungrily. I scoot back slowly and swing my legs up onto the bed, lying back as she crawls up with me; she never breaks contact and continues sucking me and she swings around so that she is just above me.

I grab her around the hips with both arms and pull myself up, burying my face in her pussy and lapping up her juices. I run my tongue from her slit up to her asshole, where I probe gently before moving back to her lips and clit. I suck and lick as she does the same to me, but soon have to get her to stop before I cum. She turns towards me and rides my face, grinding her mound against my mouth and tongue while I reach up and grope her tits. Her legs are trembling, and soon she shudders to an orgasm and her juices really flow over me.

She lifts herself off my face when it gets to be too much, and scoots down my body. My cock is sticking up at just the right angle that as she comes face to face with me and we begin kissing again (she loves the taste of her juices on my face), with a quick wiggle of her ass the head of my cock slides into her pussy. She rocks back and forth gently, teasing me with her movements and not putting more than the first inch into her until I push upwards and bury myself in her cunt. Her gasp and moan of pleasure is almost enough to make me cum right then and there, but I’m able to hold off.

All teasing done, she sits down and starts riding me in earnest, grinding side to side on the down stroke and lifting up to drop down again. I slide my hands around her ass and stroke her hard, wet clit, then push my middle finger gently into her butthole. She’s squeezing my dick and my finger really hard now, and another orgasm rips through her which causes me to cum immediately. I can feel what seems to be a quart of cum spurting into her vagina and she moans and grinds against me. Finally spent, she lays down on top of me and I pull my finger out of her ass as she pulls forward. My cock slides out of her hole with a wet plop, and I feel my sperm drip onto my groin and stomach as it oozes out of her.

L nuzzles my neck and I turn towards her and we kiss again; we’re both sweating and panting hard, and we giggle into each other’s mouth in post-orgasmic bliss. “We shouldn’t have done that,” she mutters, still nuzzling me. “Maybe, but I’m glad we did,” I answer, grinning. We both start giggling again, and she rolls off me and gets up to get a towel. She wipes her pussy and ass, cleaning off the residue, then comes back to me and cleans the puddle of sperm off my stomach, dick and balls.

When she’s gotten the most of it up, she leans over a little further and sucks my cock back into her mouth, licking and cleaning the last of our combined juices. “Mmm,” she purrs, sending a delicious vibration through me. Whether she planned it or not, I quickly begin to grow in her mouth until I’m back at full mast.

I pull her up and lay her down on the bed, then hover over her between her legs. I slide my dick between her pussy lips, letting the head butt against her clit. She’s still soaking wet and the feeling is indescribably good as I slide into her again and her vagina walls grip my cock. I start slow, loving the feeling of her legs wrapped about my hips as I fuck her.

I sit up and put her heels on my shoulders and push forward, putting my hands on either side of her, until her ass rises up just a bit. I pull out slowly until just the tip is in, and then push forward hard, slamming back into her. Her eyes close and she groans in pleasure as I repeat that several times; pull out slow, then slam back into her. Finally she looks at me and pants “Fuck me, Rob!” I’m a good brother, and I comply willingly; I rock the bed as I pound her faster and harder, our bellies slapping together with a sharp smack.

I move one hand down between us and rub her clit as we fuck, and she spasms and moans through another orgasm. A few minutes later I’m still pounding her as she cums again, and by the time her third one hits her I’m ready to cum as well. At my moans she urges me on. “Come on, brother; cum on me! Cum on my face!”

Right at the edge, I pull out and scoot up, stroking my cock furiously. L raises up just as I start to cum, and my first shot lands on her nose and lips; she licks up what she can reach with her tongue as my next spurts leave a trail from her chin to her belly button. Spent, I lean down and kiss her, tasting my cum on her lips and in her mouth; I lower myself on her and smear my cum between our bodies, reveling in the messiness of it.

We clean up with the towel and lay together, holding each other and talking. It starts getting a bit chilly, and I consider pulling a sheet up over us, but decide against it when I realize how close we both are to dozing off. I still have hours before the wife will be getting home from her game, but I can’t take the chance that I won’t wake up too late to get to the pickup point on time. Besides, as unlikely as it is I’ll sleep that long, if B were to come home and find us snuggled in bed like this, naked, it would be very bad.

I ask L if I can take a quick shower, and she says of course I can. She gets me a towel and wash cloth, then gets in the shower with me. We wash each other, touching and playing while we kiss, but not really with any intent of another round of sex. We just enjoy the closeness and intimacy of being together.

We finish showering and get dried off, and I get dressed. L puts on her night shirt and panties that she normally sleeps in, and we go into the living room. There’s still time, so we sit and watch TV together, snuggling on the couch. After another hour or so, it’s time for me to leave. L gives me a Diet Coke for the ride, and we share one last tender kiss at her door before I leave.

“This really can’t happen again, Rob,” she says.

“I know,” I agree.

“But you never know,” she adds, grinning mischievously.

I smile back at her, and say “We’ll just have to play it by ear.”

“Exactly!” she says, and hugs me. “I love you, brother. Drive safe.”

“I love you too, sissy,” I reply. It’s a long drive back home, but I’m grinning the whole way.