Friday, May 31, 2013


I want to tell you about this really erotic dream I had. I've mentioned before (either here or in a reply on someone else's post) that I've never had a wet dream. I've had plenty of erotic dreams full of sex, but have always woken up before having a release. But this one was so different, and partly because of the sexual frustration of having L around a lot, playing with my online friend, Brent, and not having the time or privacy to masturbate as much as I'd like.

Now my memory of my dreams (like most people's) is fairly incomplete, even though this one was particularly intense. If I told it just as I can truly recall, it would be "then we were somewhere, and one of us kind of did something, and I think it was good." Instead, I'm going to build from my memories and add a little imagination, a little poetic license if you will, to make it a (marginally) more interesting story. Oh, and if man-on-man action isn't your thing, I won't be offended if you stop reading now.

On to the dream...

Brent and I work out the logistics, and agree to meet in an area between us in a hotel room. We're both nervous, and stand around, fully clothed, chit-chatting for 20 minutes. We're drinking a little beer to calm our nerves, and just kind of grinning at each other.

Finally Brent takes matters in hand (so to speak) and pushes me onto the bed. He pulls my shirt off, then takes his shirt and pants off. I stood back up (don't ask, it's a dream) and take my pants off, and we stand there in our underwear. Brent reaches out and tugs mine down and I return the favor (I wear boxer-briefs, and he's got on tighty-whiteys) so that we're both openly looking at another man's cock for the first time in our lives. He's already hard, but I'm turtling from nervousness.

He steps to me and we both reach down and start groping each other. He's leaking pre-cum already, and in a few short minutes I'm starting to respond, much to my relief. It's strange stroking another man's dick, but I like it. We look into each others eyes, and I lean forward. I'm not sure if I'll like kissing another man, but dream me wants to know what it's like. We kiss and fondle each other, and it's not bad. I have to get used to the feel of whiskers against my face, but I wasn't freaking out.

I push him onto the bed and crawl between his legs, then bend down and take him into my mouth. His cock isn't as long as mine (this I know from the pictures we've exchanged) but is definitely thicker. The feel and taste is... well, how do you translate this from a dream? It was good and exciting, though, and he liked my technique.

I don't know how long this went on, but he eventually pulls me around and I lay down beside him so that he can suck my cock while I lick and suck his. I've always enjoyed getting head, and getting it from a guy (in the dream) was every bit as good as from a woman.

We continue sucking, and changing positions and taking turns doing each other one at a time, then moving back to sixty-nine. He gets on top, I get on top, but the main thing is the sucking. I lick and suck his balls, and he mine, and we're just having a gay ol' time! (see what I did there?)

After what seems like hours I feel my orgasm building. I'm hoping his is too, and he's writhing around like it will be! My cock swells, and I blow my load into his mouth. He swallows every drop, then lays back. I continue to work on his still hard cock, but he hasn't cum by the time the dream ends.

So that's it. I guess I should have added dialogue, but you know how it is with dreams and all. I hope you liked this one, though.

Oh, there's one more thing...

... it wasn't a dream.

Flash Fiction Friday - "The Impending Apocalypse" - 5/31

Key Phrase:  "the impending apocalypse"
Word limit = exactly 200 words per section
Must not use the word "Zombie" or any form thereof
Bonus Points for telling us how the world ends

“Suzi? You awake?” he asked.

“Hm mm,” she answered, which could have been interpreted as “yes” or “fuck off.”

“Do you remember how I used to tease you?”

“Hm mm.”

“You’d get mad, call me booger-brain,” he chuckled.

“You called me worse,” Suzi replied, rousing from her post-coital doze.

He smiled, remembering. “Only because you called me weird,” he answered, good naturedly.

“You were weird,” she assured him. “Always building those 'snowmen of the impending apocalypse' or some nonsense.”

“My analyst said that was good for me. Said it gave my over-active imagination a safe outlet.”

“Did she say anything about that stupid stuffed tiger you always carried around?” She regretted the words almost as soon as she said them.

“He wasn’t stupid,” he said quietly. “He was my only friend when everyone else thought I was too weird.”

Suzi thought about joking that having a stuffed tiger as a friend might have been why everyone thought he was weird, but decided against it. It might have been just a stuffed toy, but it was the reason they were together.

Hoping to head off another bad pout, Suzi leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Hobbes was a good friend, Calvin.” 

200 words exactly (as counted by MS Word). Not really an "end of the world" story, though I'm sure young Calvin would have thought so if he knew where he'd wind up.

Get over to Advizor54's blog to read his entry, as well as the others linked there. Check back during the day as more people will add on as the day goes on.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't see it...

But I've been told I have pretty eyes.

Weekend Update

Good morning, and I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you were worried about me because I didn't post this update yesterday, I apologize. Since it was a three day weekend, I decided to wait until today because for me, the weekend wasn't over yet.

As I said on Friday, we drove down to L's (actually B's, and L is living there) Saturday for L's daughter's graduation. L finally told me on Friday that she'd decided not to move after all; she can't be with S (the boyfriend) long-term, she can't make it on her own, she really wants to fix what she broke with B, etc. In other words, same shit different day.

I'm not surprised, though; I know she can't be around S more than a few days. She likes being with him for a weekend for the sex and the attention he gives her, but after that she gets frustrated because he wants sex ALL the time, and won't let up on the attention long enough to let her breathe. He's a truck driver and he winds up gone most evenings on his route. Even then she can't get a break from him because he's constantly texting her, telling her he loves her and wanting her assurance that she loves him too. Hm, I wonder why that sounds familiar.

Anyway, so we went down there, and the ceremony itself only lasted an hour, so I was happy about that. L's daughter graduated Magna Cum Laude (she was part of the top ten) and gave a speech along with two others. L was very proud, and of course she cried. With all the problems they've gone through, and the ups and downs the past two years, B was moved by the ceremony too. He's been a part of the girl's life for 15 years or more now, and had as much to do with raising her as L did. They both had every reason to be proud.

We originally weren't going to, but the wife and I decided to stay overnight (at L's invitation.) We knew it was a possibility, so we packed an overnight bag just in case. I told the wife that if it were at all awkward or tense between L and B we weren't going to stay, but they were cool and seemed to be getting along well. The three of us went running around shopping while B stayed home to get some sleep (he works third shift and went right from work that morning to the ceremonies); just like the old days.

Back at the house later, B woke up and he and I started drinking. L had some too, but she no longer tries to keep up with us. The wife, for whatever reason, decided not to drink (even though she'd indicated earlier that she would since we were staying) but she's like that. L and B tried to cajole her into having a few beers, but she wasn't having none of it. She wasn't being a wet blanket by any  means, and she was having a good time regardless; she'd just decided she didn't want to drink that night.

After awhile, around 10 or so, L decided she was done for the night, and I walked in with her and the wife to help the wife get our air mattress blown up and settled. She said she'd be back out, so I went back to have a few more beers with B. The first thing he said when I got out there was "I don't know if this is going to work out with L and me, but can you just let me know what's going on? Can you be that honest for once?" By this point I was fairly well drunk, as was he, and I couldn't figure out where this was coming from. Before I could respond, the wife came out and was standing with us. After a very short period, and without saying anything, she turned around and went back into the house and didn't return. Huh.

B and I were quiet for a moment longer. Finally I got my wits enough together to tell him however it worked out, I was always going to have L's back. He said he understood, and wouldn't have it any other way. I told him (truthfully) that L doesn't confide in me the way she used to, and that I don't always know what's going on with her until after the fact, and even by then I'm just hearing how it all got fucked up (again). And the most important thing I told him was that I didn't want any animosity to be between him and I, but that I'm going to be in L's life whether she's with him, S, or some other guy down the road.

As drunk, white men often do, we hugged it out a few times, we shook hands a few times, all-in-all agreeing on something or another that I was too drunk to truly remember. But I think the basic point was that he knows I'm not going to betray L's trust, but I won't actively work against him. That part isn't entirely true, as I've told L a number of times that I no longer trust him because of the increasingly shitty ways he acts when they break up. He even mentioned that on Saturday night, which turned into Sunday morning as we stood out there drinking. It worries him too, which is why he doesn't know how much longer he can take the back and forth. Though I didn't ask it, the obvious question hung there: why the fuck have you put up with it for this long?

I woke up Sunday morning on the couch in the living room, feeling like shit. (This was pre-planned, as I can't sleep on the air mattress.) I've gotten to the point in my life where I don't recover from drinking too much the way I used to, and for whatever reason beer hangovers are worse than liquor hangovers. I think it's because with liquor there's only so much I can drink and still be able to make another one, whereas with beer all I have to do is pop a tab. In any event, I was in rough shape.

B woke up around the same time and went out to get some coffee, then he and I sat watching ESPN for a while. We didn't talk about the night before, and I guess there really wasn't any need to. I took a shower and felt some better, then woke the wife so we could start getting ready to go.

The wife was acting put off for some reason; distant and non-talkative. She got quickly dressed and we put our stuff together and she said she wanted to go as soon as we could. We packed up, said our good-byes, and hit the road. We stopped for breakfast which I didn't want, but she said I needed to eat (and she was right), and I asked her to drive home as I was not in condition to. By the time we got home she still hadn't said more than 10 words. I asked what's wrong, and of course she said "nothing." I've been married long enough to know "nothing" means "something," but I wasn't in the mood to get into it and let it go.

L texted me later asking what was wrong with the wife. I said I didn't know, but that I must have pissed her off somehow. L said she was mad because the wife didn't want to join us in having fun, and that she was afraid the wife was mad because at one point L and I wound up in the house along together for a few minutes (that's a dynamic I haven't gotten to yet in the What the L series.) Then L said "please don't follow me anywhere in the future where we might be alone."

I know she said that meaning so the wife wouldn't be suspicious of us, but the way she said it stung some. Between that and my feelings that she was being unfair to the wife about her not wanting to drink the night before, I really just didn't want to deal with L's shit. I just answered "ok" and didn't really talk to L the rest of the day.

The wife and I went to a Memorial Day party that a friend of ours was having, but I didn't drink. We had a pretty good time, and finally the wife started loosening up. We left early and wound up going for a short ride on the motorcycle, and when we got home had a few drinks together. Yesterday, Monday, was a nice, slow day. I did the laundry early, then after we had our coffee we got our shopping done and went for another ride later on the bike.

She finally told me what had got her in a sour mood the day before; Saturday night when she came back outside, she thought B and I were ignoring her. She didn't know B had just said what he did, and I was still trying to process that, so it was just a misunderstanding. I didn't tell her about the conversation, but I assured her we weren't trying to ignore her. Alls fine now, though.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Follies

- I didn't do a Flash Fiction story this week; I just wasn't feeling it. The picture Advizor54 posted was intriguing, and I liked the setup, but working on the What the L series took it out of me this week. I still strongly encourage you to go check out his entry, and go back later as others link to their entries. It's a lot of fun, and there are some excellent writers out there.

- I usually ignore Facebook games, but the wife started playing one this week that I couldn't get my mind off of: Words of Wonder. You get a grid of letters and various setups and achievements to reach while you mark out words you can make with the letters. I've always liked word games, especially ones like this where you have to find viable words in a "random" group of letters. My oldest sister is playing as well, and we've always been competitive in a friendly way, so I'm making it my mission to beat her high scores in every level.

- I realized Wednesday I'd forgotten to do a weekly weigh in last Friday. It wouldn't have mattered, I'm still not making much, if any, progress. I'm not going to give up on trying to lose weight but I don't think there's any point in posting the same whine about how I haven't lost anything or I gained a little. Some of you were really supportive, though, and I thank you for that. If I make any significant progress in the future I'll throw it in a post to let you know.

- L's daughter has her graduation ceremony tomorrow, so the wife and I are going to drive down there to attend. There will be a little part at her house later. There's a lot of tension between L and the ex as it's become apparent to him that she's on her way out again. If he has to work tomorrow evening, the wife and I are going to hang around until he's gone then help L pack some of her things in our car to bring back here with us. He doesn't know she plans to get everything out on Monday when he is out of town for some Navy reunion thing he goes to every year. Or maybe he suspects what she's up to, I don't know. The wife and I are going to help her do the move on Monday.

As couples the four of us had grown really close before their breakup. The wife and I grew even closer to B after the breakup, which hurt our relationship with L for a time. I knew some of the reasons L was ready to be done with him back then, but it wasn't until the past year or so, when the attempts to get back together end in another messy breakup, that she's really opened up about all the problems they've had. I'm at the point now where I just don't have a lot of respect left for B, and know it will be better for both of them when she leaves this time if she really does break it off for good. But this is L we're talking about, so I don't know if that's going to happen or not.

The real question is where L will move to. Her girlfriend that I mentioned in Part 5 has a boyfriend who is trying to rent a nice apartment, and has offered to let L stay there rent free for a time until she gets her feet under her financially. Originally the plan was to move her stuff there, but now she's decided to move in with S, the boyfriend she left B for and has been the other side of this ridiculous triangle. But as of yesterday, I don't know if that's still the plan or not. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to L, that's for sure.

- Between churning up the memories of L's and my past relationship and the drama surrounding her this week, I'm starting to feel myself getting into a funk. I'm focusing on some good things coming up that I have to look forward to and that's helping me fight it off. Writing about it here is a big help as well, and again I thank you all.

- Oh, some quick stats: I have over 60 posts now, and I've had four days in a row of 100+ site hits. I now have 12 followers (welcome to the new guys!) and apparently a bunch of recurring anonymous viewers. I need to figure out how to get more details out of the stats view than what they offer: I'd like to know how long people are staying on pages (indicating if they're reading or just glancing) and a better idea of where the visits are coming from. The general data I can see now doesn't tell me a lot, and I'm a details kind of guy.

UPDATE: Not 15 minutes after I posted this, L started blowing up my phone about how she can't move in with the boyfriend, she wants to make it work with B, blah blah fucking blah. Damn I'm so fucking sick and tired of this shit.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What the L (Part 5)

I apologize for the length of this part; believe me, I trimmed it way down while writing. There was just so much to put in from the four days that followed Part 4. I hope the retelling of this isn't getting too boring.

I think the next part will be shorter and cover more ground (time wise), maybe all the way to the end of the year.

Just a quick recap: L had become friends with a guy on Facebook that she later told me had been her first “boyfriend” when she was 12 or so. She told me Wednesday that she’d had a long talk with him early in the day, and wanted to tell me more but would have to wait until she had more privacy.
L and I began our chat on Skype Thursday morning with the usual pleasantries. I still felt pain from the recent ending of our “thing”, but I was more worried about what she wanted to tell me. We both avoided the issue for a little while, but finally it came up. And just as I suspected, she was already thinking about fucking TOG (The Other Guy, the name I referred to the fucker as in my head.)

We had a heated discussion about it, but it wasn’t really a fight. I tried to tell her all the reasons it would blow up in her face and cause problems with her husband (hereinafter referred to as B.) I told her it would hurt me. She pointed out that I was the one who called it off, again, and I didn’t bother telling her that I remembered it differently. I asked if we were back “on” would she forget about TOG, and she said no, but did I want to be back on. I said not if she was going to be fucking other people. And on and on it went.

But understand, again it wasn’t really a fight. It was direct, and coarse, but it was just a normal conversation for the most part. We also talked about her daughter’s upcoming birthday party that weekend and the wife’s and my plans for coming down. But the main theme was about TOG. 
She told me that they hadn’t made any plans or even directly talked about it, but she said they both knew the other was thinking about it. My near panic had subsided to a gentle unease, so I let it go.

The rest of Thursday and Friday were an emotional roller coaster for me, as L would tell me things that would have me going from relief that nothing was going on, to being almost certain that she’d be fucking TOG within a week. By Friday night I just told her that I wasn’t going to try to stop her, but not to ask me to help her either. We argued a bit until she finally said Shithead (the guy she was fucking the summer before) would help her. She knew that would sting, and she was right.

When the wife and I arrived at their place Saturday, L was in full stress mode. This was her daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party, and everything had to be just right! They’d hired a limo to take the daughter and some of her friends to a really nice Japanese Steak House, and we helped L get other things ready. When the girls left in the limo, B and his son went in his truck (so they could smoke) and the wife drove our van with L, a long-time girlfriend of L’s, and me.

L and I rode in the back, and it was like nothing had changed at all. We cracked each other up with jokes and teases, and when the wife and L’s friend weren’t looking, we were sneaking touches and knowing looks at each other. After dinner we had the same driving arrangements on the way back, and now that it was dark we were more daring. We kept it cool for the most part, but the passion and desire were as strong as ever. I couldn’t see how we’d have time to do much of anything, but I was just living for the moment

We got back to the house and all of us sat out by a fire, drinking and generally having a good time. I looked over and saw L having an animated discussion with her friend, but because of the music I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. The daughter and a few of her friends who were staying over for the night were running back and forth from the party area by the fire to her room. Around midnight the wife said she was going to bed, and one by one everyone else went too until it was just L and I and the girls. One of the girls said the fire was dying, and L and I went to get some firewood.

It was in a secluded, wooded area of the property, and as soon as we got there L turned to me and was in my arms. She warned me that we’d have to be careful, but she was just as eager to make out as I was. After a few minutes we broke apart and collected some wood (ba-dum tsshh!) and got the campfire going again. The girls were distracted, so we snuck off to the side of the house to talk and make out some more.

“Here we go again, huh?” L laughed.

“Yea. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed kissing you.”

“I know! I’ve wanted this all night!”

I wanted to ask about TOG, but I didn’t want to start another argument or ruin the mood. We were being stupidly reckless, though, because the girls weren’t that far away. We were hidden from their immediate view, but we were getting into some pretty heavy petting, and one of them could have come around the corner and taken us by surprise at any moment. We stopped and went back to the fire, and suddenly the girls disappeared. L went to the house to check on them, and came back out and said they were in the daughter’s room.

We went beside their shed to where L’s and B’s motorcycles were kept. It was dark back there, and we were necking and petting again. L rubbed my crotch as I massaged her tits through her shirt. She pulled her shirt and bra up so I could play and suck on her nipples, and before I knew it my pants were unzipped and she was stroking my hard cock. She pushed me back and kneeled down to take me in her mouth, sucking and licking me to full hard on. She stood up and kissed me, then looked in my eyes and said “I need you to fuck me now!”

“Where?” I asked, looking around. I was actually looking for someplace we could get undressed and take our time with each other, which is an indication of just how drunk I was.

“I don’t care; right here! I just need your cock in me now!”

I pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees in one motion, then turned her around and bent her over B’s motorcycle. I leaned down and spread her cheeks and licked her ass and pussy as best I could, but she was already soaking wet. I stood up, positioned my cock, and rammed in as far as I could. “Oh, god yes!” L groan, grinding against me while I was buried to the hilt in her. She was so wet and tight!

I tried to be gentle and go slow, but she was having none of it. “Fuck me, Rob! Fuck me hard!” She was trying to be quiet, and I tried to keep an eye on our surroundings in case someone came out, but at that point I can’t honestly say I would have been able to stop. I was pumping her hard while she held on to B’s bike, and when I came I thought I was going to pass out. We were incredibly lucky that we didn’t get caught, but at that moment I don’t think either of us cared. Plus, we’re only talking about two minutes, tops, between pulling her short down and pulling them back up.

We got our clothes straightened back out and went back to the fire pit area. “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to go clean your cum out before it runs down my leg,” L laughed and headed inside. I got a beer and sat in the love seat swing they had out there, smiling to myself and feeling pretty satisfied.

She came back out and sat beside me, saying the girls were still inside. I put my arm around her and she curled up against me, fitting together like we belonged that way. “You’re not going to fuck him, are you?” I asked.

“Rob!” she sounded exasperated. “I don’t know; I might.”

“But why? Aren’t I enough for you?”

“It’s not about that, baby. I just want… different dick, I guess!”

We went back and forth like that for several minutes, but also kissing here and there, when suddenly the girls came tearing back out to the fire. They’d put together a homemade Ouija board and said they were trying to contact spirits. While their attention was on that, L had the idea to lay the back of the love seat swing down so we could lie down together. She had a blanket that we snuggled under, and continued talking. Keep in mind; the girls were not 10 feet away from us at this point.

In fact, one of the girls was sitting at the picnic table practically within arm’s reach of us, talking to L and me. I slipped my hand down L’s shorts, and she bent her knees to hide my movements while I played with her pussy and clit. I was drunk enough to think we were being stealthy, but I wonder what the girl was thinking about how L was gasping and moaning while we talked. I can’t say for sure that I didn’t give L a long, passionate kiss while I made her cum with the girl sitting right there! Awkward!

I started to come to my senses a bit as L calmed down from her orgasm (it was probably a quiet one though, right?) and the daughter’s friend studiously looked everywhere but at us. The daughter and the other friends were still by the fire playing with their spirit summoner, when L suddenly sat up and said “I want ice cream!” What the hell, we’d earned it. The clearly embarrassed friend said she wanted some too, so the three of us got in the van and drove a mile or two down the road to Sheetz. Just adding on to the night of out-and-out recklessness, of course I was way too drunk to have been driving.

We made it back without me killing us or anyone else, and L and I continued talking. We were sitting at the picnic table and no shenanigans were going on, but the way I sat behind her, with my arms snaked around her front, would have looked awful cozy to anybody who might have noticed.
Fortunately, B didn’t seem to notice when he yelled for L out the back door to come to bed, because it was 5:30. He still didn’t notice 15 minutes later when he yelled out again for her to come on, so L got up and went inside. I stayed out and finished another beer, and went into the house about 15 minutes later.

I was tired, drunk, and emotionally exhausted. I didn’t know what was going to happen with L and TOG; hell, I didn’t know what was going to happen with L and me. I sat on the blow-up mattress the wife and I would sleep on when we stayed there, getting undressed quietly and trying not to disturb her. I heard L whimper from her bedroom, and B chuckled and said something I couldn’t make out. The bedsprings started squeaking and when L moaned I had to laugh a little. Way to go, B!

A few short hours later, we were all awake and hung over. B went to the local NASCAR race track to tailgate with some guys he knows, but the rest of us just lolled around feeling cruddy. I noticed L was messaging with someone on her phone, and I sent her a text asking if it was TOG. She said it was, and a little later handed me her phone so I could read it. It was typical, naughty messages between them, which I thought escalated kind of quick considering the timeline.

One thing kind of stood out as funny, though. TOG had messaged something about wanting to lay L down and lick her all over. My first thought was “after two loads of cum in her, you might want her to shower first buddy.”

The wife and I left a little later, and I let her drive as I was still in no condition to. My emotions were all over the board, but I was too exhausted and hung over to deal with them. I pretended to sleep for the long drive home just so I wouldn’t have to concentrate on conversation while I mulled things over.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What the L (Part 4)

For almost two weeks, things were good between L and me. Well, as good as things ever really were at that point. I was still way too obsessed with her, and she still wouldn’t give me the reassurance I constantly needed that things were fine and we were still “on.” She worked that weekend, so even though we chatted on Skype and talked on the phone, I didn’t get to see her again until the following weekend. Meanwhile, she didn’t want to play any and would barely talk about the naughty stuff.

We didn’t just fuck that day she was with me; we also talked quite a bit. She told me a lot of things from her past that she hadn’t before, including her first marriage. They’d been together a total of 12 years, 6 of them married. Near the end of the marriage, she told me, she started feeling disconnected from him and knew that she would be leaving him. She also started having an affair with a guy she worked with, which the first ex found out about. They tried to patch things up, but he was still neglecting her (she said) so she wound up meeting her current husband (now ex number two, but that happened later) and left the first for the second. Confusing? Yea, it happens when L is involved.

She also told me more about a guy she’d been fucking the year before. She’d told me some of it earlier, but I got more of the details. It was kind of the same deal, that she was feeling disconnected from her husband, but she said she was just acting out and wasnt thinking about leaving him. She broke it off with Shithead (my name for him) near the end of that summer because of other drama, but they still were in contact. Because of this, and because of what looked to me like her pulling away from me, I became paranoid that she was still seeing (and by that I mean “fucking”) him. It turned out later that she wasn’t, but at the time it was a major concern.

I mentioned before that the stress of all this did help me lose weight, but let me break it down a little more. Between the last few days of August until this time, which was the first week of October (a little over five weeks), I’d lost more than 20 lbs. When things were good between us, I was stressed about keeping things good, and figuring out a way for us to get together. When things were bad, I was stressed about how to get things back on track. I was also constantly keeping a lookout to make sure the wife didn’t suspect what was going on.

As much as I’ve always loved food, I just wasn’t eating. I had very little for breakfast most days, and would often skip lunch because of being in a sour mood. By the time I’d get home I’d eat a small portion of dinner and put the rest aside. At night, when I’d usually snack, I was on Skype with L so I didn’t bother. I’d have four or five beers, but they didn’t make up the calories I didn’t get otherwise.

We did go stay with them the next weekend, which meant more drinking outside with a fire going. The wife and L’s husband had to take a friend of theirs home because he was wasted drunk, which gave L and I about an hour. L’s daughter was home, in her room, so we couldn’t do much more than kiss and fondle, but I was happy to have that much. I half-heartedly tried to talk L into letting me bend her over her bed for a quickie, and I know she considered it, but we both agreed it would be a bad idea. We broke from a passionate kiss and I leaned my forehead on hers and said “I love you.” I waited for her to chastise me and tell me how stupid I am, etc.

“I love you too,” she said.

“Wait, really?” I asked. “No fooling, no take-backs?”

She laughed. “No fooling, no take-backs. I love you. Now we got to get back outside before they get home.”

The rest of the night was mostly a blur, but in a good way. I was on cloud 9! The wife and L’s husband came home and the party broke up soon after. I slept better than I had in several weeks, and woke up feeling rested and cheery. The others woke at various times, we had coffee and breakfast, and planned what we’d do the rest of the day.

L had showered and dressed, but was finishing up her hair in their bathroom. She and I talked while everyone else was in the living room watching ESPN.

“Did that really happen last night?” I asked.

“Yes,” she smirked, “it really happened. But it was just the alcohol talking.” I must have looked crushed, because she laughed and said “I’m just kidding, silly.”

“So you do love me?”

“Yes! Now let it go.” She said it good naturedly, but I also knew she meant it, so I let it go. The rest of the day was also a blur, but we (all of the adults) sneakily planned more about her daughter’s birthday party the next weekend. The wife and I left around 6 that evening.

L was supposed to work Monday and Tuesday, but wound up leaving work early Monday because she was feeling sick. She had a terrible cough and her lungs hurt. She went to her doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis and ordered to rest. We decided it might have been because of the smoke from the fire that weekend, plus the colder air. She was off Tuesday morning, and I was hoping she’d feel up to playing but she didn’t.

We chatted on Skype for a while, though, and I was hoping we could continue on the whole “I love you” theme. I was getting frustrated because of the increasingly longer times it was taking for her to respond, and when she did it wasn’t the way I wanted! I finally had to leave for work and asked if I could call her, and she said I could.

It was better on the phone because of the immediate feedback. But I was still feeling a little miffed about how she was ignoring me on Skype (so I thought.) I asked her if it was scary, being in love with me (I was again just looking for assurance.)

Look, it went back and forth, she said some things and I said some things, but it boiled down to she was starting to feel guilty about what we were doing. It was supposed to be no strings attached, just for fun, and here we were talking about love. It was hopeless, and no matter what we couldn’t do anything about it anyway. Finally, we just agreed that the best thing would be to call it off again. I didn’t want to, but it seemed like she did and I didn’t want her to be stressed out like me!

Later that night I noticed she became friends with a guy on FB. Wednesday she told me she’d talked with him on the phone for a long time, and said he was her first boyfriend from back when she was in the 6th grade. She also said she wanted to tell me more but it would have to wait until she had more privacy (family was around her at home while we were on Skype.) Honestly, I already had a pretty good idea what she was going to say. I knew Thursday morning we’d talk, and I dreaded it.

I’m going to be a dick and end this part now. I can’t tell what happened on Thursday without going through the whole weekend and beyond, and that needs to be a post all of its own.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Rant

I declared myself an atheist one night in the summer just before I turned 18. I wasn’t a particularly devout Christian by any means up to that point, but I know in my early teens I firmly believed in a god, even if it wasn’t necessarily Bible God ™. I’d read a great deal of the Roman, Greek and Norse myths (I loved the Hercules and Thor adventures) and could see the striking similarities. In my mind, there wasn’t anything special about what the Bible had to say about things, so I figured they all just followed a common theme and essentially told the same story.

But that night, hanging with my friends, I suddenly realized that I just didn’t believe in any god. No big tragedy had occurred, and I wasn’t “mad at God” by any means; I just could no longer play that game. My friends just thought it was attention-seeking rebellion, and perhaps it was to an extent. They tried to convince me that I was wrong; using unsophisticated versions of arguments I would later study in much greater detail. My rebuttals were equally unsophisticated, but were sufficient to convince me if not them.

Early on I waffled back and forth, and though I could never believe in Bible God again, I could see room for the possibility of some being we would call a god, perhaps. But the more I looked into it (thanks to the internet and the readily available information) the more I came to believe in no such thing. I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise if further evidence should come into play, but for now my default position is that there is no god.

I spent a lot of time and energy in the 90s and early 00s trying to convince believers in various online forums that they were wrong. It seemed important at the time, though I couldn’t even then have told you why. Fortunately (long story short) I matured, and no longer feel it’s necessary to do that. I’m happy to talk about why I don’t believe, but I don’t feel like I have to convince anybody else that their beliefs are wrong.

I’m all about “live and let live.” If you’re a consenting adult and aren’t hurting anyone else, do whatever you want as far as I’m concerned. On a personal level I may try to talk you out of doing something that may harm you, but ultimately you get to live your life, and I get to live mine. If someone makes decisions on how to live their life because of their holy book, it’s no skin off my nose as long as they aren’t harming anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are so arrogantly sure that their religion is the right one (and ONLY right one) that they aren’t content with it being the guiding principle of their own life. They want to make sure everyone else follows it too. From demanding that Creationism be taught alongside Evolution in science class as equally valid, to expressing outrage when some civic leader declines to give special priority to their holy book, these people are determined to use the law, if they’re allowed to, to make you follow their religion whether you’re a part of it or not. Of course they want you to believe as they do, but if they can’t get that they’re content with forcing you to pay lip service to it.

These people would deny a child the opportunity to grow up in a solid, loving home because they don’t want to allow same-sex couples to adopt. They prove their own hypocrisy when they condemn homosexuals for higher rates of promiscuity yet deny them the right to marry. Oh, they’ll throw out some dubious statistics to shore up their arguments, but basically their objections boil down to two things: it’s against their religious beliefs and they think it’s icky. Those are two excellent reasons for them to not engage in the behavior themselves, but not nearly sufficient for denying basic rights to a group of people.

I mean no offense to those believers who stay out of other peoples’ lives; I know a lot of people like that and I get along with them just fine. But I am truly baffled, and disgusted, by the other ones.

Weekend Update

It's like I've moved to Seattle or something!

All this fucking rain is pissing me off! All weekend long it rained here. Not enough to cancel the ball games, so the wife had something to do, but I wasn't even able to sit out back and have a cigar. I read a bunch, which is nice, but I'd like to get out and mow the lawn and walk around and get some sun sometime.

It's supposed to be significant chances of thunderstorms all this week as well, which means another week of not being able to ride my motorcycle to work. The only bright spot is that maybe my softball game Tuesday night will be cancelled. Fucking rain!

And the next person around here who says "Yea, but we need it" is going to get hurt!

Yesterday got off to a good start, though. I got to chat and play a little with my Dizcreet buddy, which was a lot of fun. I didn't cum, because I was hoping for some play time with the wife later, but it was still hot. If we can ever work out the logistics, we just might wind up being each other's first "real life" experience. (Okay, I know I had that one time, but that was years ago, I was drunk idiot kid, and it didn't go to completion for anybody. Work with me here.)

After breakfast, I got in the shower with the wife and got a nice blowjob. I love when just as I'm getting close and pull out, she holds her tits up for me to come on! Afterwards we went in the bedroom and got her favorite vibrator out, and we got her off. I wound up getting another hard on, and she wanted to feel it inside her. I figured I pump a few times for fun, but no way I'd cum again right? Wrong! We had to be sneaky because the niece was still home, but I was indeed able to have another orgasm. I haven't had two orgasms within an hour or so since I was in my 30s!

The rest of the day was blah, because of the rain, but I did finish up the last of the Dresden Files books (until the next one is published in December.) And late last night I got an email from someone saying they found my site when they were looking for information on what happened to Dizcreet, and couldn't stop reading! I love that kind of feedback. And I got a couple of pictures from my buddy showing what effect our chat yesterday had on him. 

So all in all, a nice way to end the weekend.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - her smile - 5/17

Key Phrase: her smile

Word Limit: 350 words
Bonus Words: Give us a hint of what the 
people on the beach are seeing (if there are 
Extra Credit:  Tell us a favorite sexual 

Read other entries at MrAdvizor54

When I went to the beach that morning, I intended to “end it all.” I didn’t have a real plan in mind, but vaguely thought that drowning or pills would be the best way. Or maybe I’d take a bunch of pills then start swimming out as far as I could until I was either exhausted or too stoned to make it back, then I’d just go under and… not be.

I sat in my car staring at all that water (And that’s just the top of it! I heard my father say, an echo from the past.) I could already feel how cold the water would be on my naked skin, and idly wondered how many pills I’d have to take to shut down my nervous system until I… stopped being.

A happy shriek drew my attention to the beach, and the people there I hadn’t even noticed before. It was too early for it to be crowded, but a number of umbrellas, chairs, and blankets already dotted the sandy runway.

The shriek had come from a little girl, maybe 5 or 6, running happily from an older boy. He was having just as much fun as she was, and judging from the shared features I felt safe in assuming them to be siblings. The two adults, no doubt their parents, smiled indulgently. They looked happy.

Another family sat near them. The adults were border-line obese and the children were on their way to it, but none of them looked self-conscious. And why should they? They were at the beach, having a perfectly lovely time. Screw anybody that would judge their appearance, right? I thought they were beautiful. They looked happy.

My eyes were then drawn to the young couple in the water. They were the only ones to brave its chill so early, though only standing to their shins. The young man was saying something to the girl, urging her on. Suddenly she reached behind her and off came her bikini top. His eyes lit up, and when she turned her smile radiated excitement and embarrassment, but mostly love. They looked oh, so happy.

I was laughing with a joy I hadn’t felt in months, and wiping the tears from my eyes as I drove home.

378 words.
I've been accused of being a pessimist, and though I can't really blame people for thinking that I still think it's unfair. Yes, I often have a bleak outlook on life, and I'm always on the lookout for the "worst case" scenario in a given situation, but that's because I'm a realist. Realists and pessimists are similar, but the difference is this: I recognize and look for the worst case, but I plug ahead anyway, trying for a better outcome. It's easy to keep going when you're an optimist: you can't see how anything bad could possibly happen. Try it when there's a voice in your head constantly telling you it's going to end bad!
Some of FFF stories are based on that theme, and the above is no different. If you stopped reading too soon, then of course you would think I'm a pessimist based on the way my characters talk. But if you stick it out to the end, there's often that ray of hope that shines through.
Favorite sexual experience: In the "What the L" series, I'm going to (eventually) get around to my favorite experience with L. It was at Myrtle Beach, New Year's Eve 2010, and it was hot! 

For today, I'll tell about my favorite with the wife. I'd just cum, and as usual I grabbed her vibrator to get her off too. Instead of laying down like she normally did, she stood beside the bed, straddling my knee, with one foot on the bed giving me easy access. She took the vibrator and applied it to her clit while I fingered her pussy, still squelching wet from her excitement and my cum. She told me to use one of the other toys, so I got the short, thick one I like using on her. I ran it up and down her pussy lips, getting it wet, while she continued to play. Almost in desperation she told me to "just put it in!" I positioned it, then felt it pop right through her tightened hole, and as soon as I did she said "Uh!" and came hard. Her whole body was quivering, and it went on for about 30 seconds with her panting and shaking the whole time.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One for the Gipper

My softball team lost again last night. We've been playing four weeks and we've lost three games. And before you go telling me that 1-3 isn't THAT bad, the only reason we didn't lose last week is we were rained out. (Hey, we take our victories non-loses where we can get them.)

I'm personally getting better; back when I was a teen, the last time I played baseball with any regularity, I was fat but I could play ball. I wasn't much good at other sports, but I could move faster (in short distances) than most people would have though, I had pretty good hand-eye coordination, and a decent arm. But other than a pick-up game here and there when I was in the Army, I haven't played since then.

And it showed! The damage I've done to my right shoulder over the years really makes itself known when I throw. Running is a dicey affair, as between my hips, knees and ankles I don't know that something isn't going to give out. I played the outfield the first game, but I was too slow to chase down the ball, and then I couldn't get it back to the infield with any kind of pep or accuracy. I did better at second base the next game, but I made a lot of mistakes out of lack of confidence and muscle memory.

But last night I was at second again, and I did much better. I made some good stops and throws (they still hurt like hell) and caught a screaming line drive that came right at me. (The last game when that happened, I let out a pathetic "eep!" and ole'd the ball right on by me.) My knees still hurt when I run, but I got a good hit when I was at bat and drove in two runs. And that's with me feeling like crap and achy trying to shake off whatever bug that's chasing me.

So I'm starting to get something back, but as a team we suck. And we won't get any better because there isn't a collective will to have any kind of practice. In the four weeks we've been playing and three weeks before the season even started, we've had a total of two practices. Our "coach" didn't have any kind of plan, so we just randomly hit and chased the ball, clumsily, and called it a day. And it's not really his fault; he just doesn't have the "coach" personality to make people work hard to get better. (And no, neither do I.)

It's supposed to just be for fun, and I doubt we'd really be all that much better if we practiced at least the once a week I keep lobbying for. I don't mind the losing, even losing ugly (we haven't made it past the fourth inning yet because we keep getting the slaughter rule, which says if you're down 15 runs at the end of the fourth the game is called.) But I am competitive enough to want to see some improvement. For now, I'll have to be content with my own self improvement.

Monday, May 13, 2013

What the L (part 3)

So, where was I?

Oh, right… L and I had gotten naked on cam together and masturbated to mutual orgasm. She was in town later that day and we met for lunch with her FIL, and we were both smiley and giggly. Later, on her way back out of town, she stopped by my office and, while my partner was outside having a smoke, we sneaked in some kisses. Life was good, and everything was back on track!

In fact, that night she said she was going to come up the next week to bring her computer for me to work on. We talked it out and decided she would come up Wednesday around dinner time, stay with us that night, then she and I could have the whole day Thursday for “shopping” once the wife went to work. We both knew there wouldn’t be a lot of shopping, but there’d be a whole lot of “shopping.”

The plans wobbled and wiggled over the next week, and she wound up staying with the FIL that night instead of with us, so that they two of them could go the her MIL’s cemetery (it was the first anniversary of her death.) I was an agitated ball of Sheldon Cooper waiting for her, but she finally showed up around 11:30. As soon as she was in the house, we were in each other’s arms, kissing and rubbing and grinding. The dogs were a distraction, so I let them out in the back yard and she and I went into the guest room.

Compared to the wife, who is very passive, L is a fantastic kisser. There’s just enough passion and urgency to let you know she’s enjoying it; just enough aggressiveness so that you know it’s you she wants to be with. It’s hard to explain, other than kissing L was just so different than I was used to.

We kissed like that as we took each other’s clothes off. There’s that moment when I unhook a woman’s bra and slowly peel it off, and reveal her breasts; I still love that moment with the wife, but even more so with someone new.  L’s boobs were firm and perky, probably a 36B (she claimed she’s a C cup, but I’m skeptical) and a lot of fun to play with. The first time I saw them naked, I thought she might have had work done on them, but no; they’re all natural!

Soon we were naked, still standing while we kissed and grabbed and fondled. I was so hard it was almost painful, but when she took me in her hand it was heaven. We sank to the bed, and she straddled me while we continued kissing. Her pussy was wet and tight, sucking at my finger as I alternated between burying it deep in her hole, and using the moisture to play with her clit. She broke the kiss to crawl down my body, kissing me along my chest and stomach on her way down.

I like being teased a little when I’m getting head; I like the licking and gentle nipping, the slow build up with just the head going in first, and then going a little deeper and deeper until finally I’m in as far as I’m going to get.

L didn’t do that. She took me and engulfed me all in one motion, and I thought I would lose it right there. She didn’t deep-throat me; I’m a little too big for her for that (though the wife can do it with a little work), but honestly I don’t think it could have been any better. I nudged her leg, and she spun around so that her ass was over me and I could lick her while she sucked me. In the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t do this for long because I would come too soon, but it felt so damned good.

L has the prettiest pussy I’ve seen, too. The lips are perfectly shaped, not too long and not completely hidden. I don’t really have any bias against big or small pussy lips, but I recognize and appreciate the really good ones. She isn’t a gusher, but she does get good and wet, and has an excellent taste. I could spend hours eating her out. (To be fair, I could spend hours eating the wife out too, but she doesn’t like it for more than a few minutes.)

Just when I was thinking I’d have to make L stop blowing me, she spun around and impaled herself on my dick. It took a little work because she’s so tight (she does her Kegel exercises religiously) but I was soon balls deep. She ground her groin into mine, and I rose to meet her thrust for thrust. We were both gasping and groaning, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I loved watching the expressions on her face as my cock would reach deep into her. I could feel my orgasm building, so I pulled her off me and scooted down until she straddled my head, and I went back to licking and sucking on her cunt and clit.

Her knees started hurting her, so she rolled off me and lay back in bed. I got between her legs and continued my tongue work. I had my finger in her hole, and when it was wet enough I started playing with her asshole. I waited to see if she’d object, and when she didn’t I slowly worked my finger in until it was two knuckles deep. I had my thumb up by her clitoris and would lick then rub, driving her wild. She was thrashing underneath me, and suddenly grabbed my head and pulled me up.

I kneeled between her open legs and grabbed my cock, rubbing it in her wetness. I was leaking a lot of pre-cum and the combined moisture was making everything deliciously slick. I tapped my dick head around her clit, and that got an appreciative groan and smile from her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me towards her, and I entered her easily. I started slow, but that didn’t last long; I was banging her hard and fast, and we both loved it.

I paused to catch my breath, and buy a few more seconds, and she wiggled out from under me. She turned and kneeled, ass up and head down, inviting me to mount her. I accepted (what was I going to do, so “no”?) and within a few minutes I was close. She told me to keep going, she wanted me to come. I breathlessly asked if she wanted it in or on, and she said “whatever you want.” I pulled out and blasted all over her back and ass, loving the way my cum ran down her crack. I grabbed a towel and cleaned it up before it could drip on, and stain, the bed.

I fell back on the bed, and L crawled back on top of me. We lay together in each other’s arms, catching our breath, kissing and caressing. It felt like we’d been fucking for hours, but I was amused to see it had only been about 25 minutes. We were hungry so we dressed and headed out for something to eat.

When we got back to the house later, we started playing again. I ate her out on the couch while using a dildo on her, which was something she’d never had before. She was looking at me through her glazed eyes and said “I’ve never come so much in my life!” She said later she stopped counting, but it had to have been at least 7 orgasms. We switched positions, and she sucked my cock slowly and lovingly, until I came hard in her mouth. She swallowed it all (which couldn’t have been much after the orgasm I’d had earlier) and I could taste myself on her when we kissed.

Things were good for almost two weeks before it all fell apart again.

Weekend Update

Another quiet weekend where we tried not to spend too much money, but with only limited success. It rained off and on Saturday, but Sunday was really nice. The wife and I went to lunch with my mother and step-father, a chinese buffet that she likes. No matter what I tell myself, I simply cannot walk out of a place like that without being stuffed, even when the food is mediocre at best. But we had a good time with them and I know mom appreciated it.

L's current situation is complicated, but she was back home (out of town) this weekend. We spoke via text messages only briefly here and there, which always makes me feel a little empty. It's not as bad as it used to be, though. In fact, it's entirely possible that the empty feeling is more the wistful sadness from knowing that going a weekend without a lot of contact doesn't make me as anxious as before.

I'm a little on edge this week because we have some big wigs visiting at work, plus we have a new hire starting this week. I can see I'm going to be pulled in a lot of different directions, and I'm now remembering things I wanted to do Friday to be better prepared that I forgot to do. I'm going to have to go in earlier and get started, but at least that means overtime.

Part 3 of What the L is on the way, for those keeping up with that bit of history. I'm trying to tell it as I honestly remember it, so this episode will be pretty hot! I base that on the fact that I was hard while writing it, but your mileage may vary. It should be up either later today or tomorrow morning.

Friday, May 10, 2013

You Never Even Called Me by My Name

One of my pet peeves (there’s a lot of them, believe me) is when someone I don’t know, usually a waitress or fast-food worker, calls me “Hun”, “dear”, “sweetie”, etc. I can accept it coming from a woman 20-plus years or older than me, but I still wince a little. Let it be someone younger than me, though (and it’s increasingly likely they’ll be significantly younger than me) and it just pisses me off. Why? I don’t know; it just sounds condescending to me.

And please spare me the justifications for this, if you’re so inclined. I’ve heard them all, and it just doesn’t wash.  “That’s just how I was brought up!” Well, I was brought up that those are terms of endearment for family members or maybe close friends, not total strangers. “We’re told that we can get better tips using these names.” Oh, I love when someone blatantly tries to manipulate me in such a generic fashion. I love it so much I’m likely to forget to tip at all. “I call everyone that; I don’t mean anything by it.” So you can’t be bothered to treat people as individuals, and to offset that lack of respect you bring attention to it by hanging some cookie-cutter label on them? “Oh, well, actually, you’re the only person I’ve ever called that.” Okay, now that’s just creepy.

I get it, too; I’m in a very small minority, at least in the near-south where I live. Apparently everyone else I know either doesn’t care enough to let it bother them or they eat it up. It’s hard to impress on your waitress that you don’t want to be called “sugar” by anybody but your wife or the woman you want to bang later (hey, they could be the same person!) when everyone else at the table is telling you to lighten up and stop being an old curmudgeon (thanks, mom.)

And to the young twit at Logan’s Steakhouse that night who continued to call me “sweetie” even after I twice politely asked you to call me either “Rob” or “sir”, it wasn’t my idea to even let you know it was my birthday dinner in the first place (thanks again, mom!) So I was long past the mood where I would have been willing to stand up while you and six of your co-workers stood around singing your version of “Happy Birthday.” And my god-damned steak was overcooked to boot! I asked for medium-rare, not shoe leather!

For a while I kept trying to come up with an answering “name” that would drive home the point that I didn’t appreciate this behavior, but with no success. Parroting back the same word to them, a “sweetie” for a “sweetie”, didn’t faze them in the least. I attempted to up the ante and calling them “lover” or “baby”, but even that didn’t get a rise. “Sugar tits” might have work, and some of the reactions were funny, but the bruising from all the punches the wife gave me when I said it wasn’t worth the effort.

Then it came to me: from now on, I will simply call the offenders by name. Not their name, mind you; just any name that comes to mind. It’s especially effective if they are wearing a name tag, because then I’m sure I won’t accidentally use their actual name.

“Here’s your soda, sweetie.”

“Thanks, Matilda.”

“Oh,” pointing at her name tag, “it’s actually Cindy.”

“Well, Jan, my name isn’t ‘sweetie’ but that doesn’t seem to bother you.”


It’s effective, it’s fun, and I don’t get punched in the arm. Fair warning, though: it’s usually best to do this after getting all of your food served, and you might not want to ask for many more refills on your soda.

But I’m not a complete dick; there are parts of me missing. And after they go back and tell their fellow “Hun” slingers what an asshole that guy at table 3 is, they’ll find I’ve left them a pretty good tip.

Friday Weigh In

I didn't have a good feel this morning for how my weight would be; I'd been mostly good with my eating, but last night took my niece to a Mexican restaurant. I didn't order a big meal, but of course there's the basket of chips and salsa, then the couple beers I had, etc. Plus this week I had to deal with the same problem that happens every time I change my diet in order to lose weight: constipation. That got cleared up yesterday, in a BIG way (sorry fellow upstairs bathroom users at work) so I was a little nervous about getting on the scales this morning.

Nevertheless, this week's weight is:

248.4 down .8 lbs from last week! (Considering the big meal I had last night, it might have been and even bigger drop this week otherwise.)

A big help this week was in more consistency in my exercises. I'm doing calisthenics every other morning, alternating with getting on my elliptical trainer the other mornings.

The calisthenics are jumping jacks, pushups, situps, windmills, squat thrusts, and mountain climbers; in the military, those with the stretches were called the Dirty Dozen. I'm not doing a lot of repetitions just yet, so I can do them all on the same day. As I build up my strength and stamina, and my joints get used to being under stress again, I'll increase the amount and I might at some point have to split them into different days. If and when I do that, I'll start using the elliptical trainer every morning, then doing the exercises on alternating nights. But that's down the road a bit.

My niece is a good kid, and I'm glad we got to spend some time together last night. The wife was at a game, of course, so she and I talked more than we have in a while. Normally, even if it's just the two of us here, we're both lost in our own worlds of reading or internet. Last night, even after dinner, we continued talking and laughing, and generally having a good time.

Be sure to read my Flash Fiction Friday entry, and read the other's at Advizor54's blog. Have a good weekend, y'all.

Flash Fiction Friday - Disclosure - 5/10

Key word = Disclosure
word limit = 200
Extra credit = share your "real number" along side your Publicly Claimed Number

“Full Disclosure,” he repeated. His steady gaze made me uncomfortable, and I looked away. I continued sucking and licking his cock.

“I’m not… I mean… I can’t!” I blurted out, blushing furiously. He wanted to know everything, and there are just some things a girl can’t tell!

“Ms. Trevor,” he sighed, “I assure you there’s nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard before. You’re afraid I’ll think you’re a freak? That’s simply not the case. I’ve had women tell me about fucking their brothers and eating their sisters’ pussies.  Hell, one girl told me she sucked her dog’s cock every night for two years!”

“But why do you need to know?” I mumbled around his dick head.

“Do you want to be in this film or not? Look, let’s make it easy. Just tell me who the first guy you ever gave head to was.” His hips started bucking, and I sped up my tempo.

His cock throbbed, and he grunted as he came in my mouth. I swallowed what I could, letting the rest dribble out the side of my mouth and down his shaft. I licked him clean, looked in his eyes and smiled.

“You are!”


The extra credit this week is to share your "real number" along with your publicly claimed number. I've shared everything on this blog, or what I haven't I eventually will (probably), so I guess I have to look at my public number as the one I tell the wife. If I include the hooker, who was my true first time sex-with-orgasm, then the number she knows is 8, including the girl she caught me with. The real number is 11, but that's not counting the hookers in Germany because I never fucked them, I just got head from them. I guess the question will be if I ever do hook up with guys, do I add them to the total even if it's just oral? I think I would have to add the first one because of the monumentous occasion, but anybody else after that? I don't know. I'll cross that bridge when I burn it.

Be sure to jump over to Advizor54 and read his takes on this week's theme. And while you're there, check out the stories that others will link to; everyone has a different take, but they're all entertaining. And for the really bold, join us next week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lost and Found

As I wrote earlier, it appears is down for the count. They started showing a “technical issues” page last Monday, and that hasn’t been changed since then. I would think that if the owners were planning to bring it back up they would have some kind of information about what’s going on and an ETA for the site being available. It’s very telling that they haven’t bothered to do that so far.

It’s a shame, too. I was having fun on the site. I could freely explore and talk with others having similar experiences (or lack of, but wanting some). Of course I can do that some here on my blog, but there it was more of a two-way street as far as communication goes. The chat feature had problems, but it worked well enough.

I did make a couple friends on there that I can still communicate with via email, fortunately. But I still miss the day-to-day chatting with semi random people. And the dick pictures; those were fun too.

One day a few weeks ago, a man I’d just become friends with started chatting with me. After the preliminary, polite “hellos” he asked what I was looking for on the site. I thought he was trying to initiate some “naughty fun”, which would have been fine but I was at work at the time. I had some time to chat here and there, but nothing like what I’d need to play.

Just as I was thinking how to word it so that he wouldn’t be offended and we could try to setup something for another time, he started telling me his story. Like a lot of us, he’d had feelings for a long time but just ignored them, out of denial and fear of being found out. I can’t remember how long he said he’d been married, but he had just gotten a divorce and was obviously still bitter about it. Children were involved, which makes any divorce that much worse.

Most of the people in his life, including his ex, did not know anything about his sexuality, though he said he had come out to a few close friends who were accepting. He said the ex was being a real bitch about the divorce and telling their kids a bunch of lies about him to turn them against him. He said the two older ones saw through it, but the youngest one believes the mother. I’d hate to think of what she’d do and say if she knew about his sexual preferences.

On the positive side, he did say he met a man, and now feels like he finally knows what it means to be truly loved. I don’t see me ever having that feeling for another man, but I told him I was really happy for him that he’d found that. He mentioned being concerned that it meant he really is gay and was living a lie the whole time, but that he was still attracted to women. The chat ended when one or the other of us had to go for work purposes.

I hope that he will be able to find peace with his ex-wife, and be happy with his current fella. I also hope he can get past being hung up with labels, and just enjoy the ride no matter who it’s with. If this were just a physical thing, and exploration for him like it is for me, I’d caution against coming to his family. But if he wants the guy he’s with now to be a part of his life for a significant amount of time, he probably will have to tell them something eventually. I hope he can find acceptance with them that he’s found with the few close friends he’s confided in.

Weekend Update

Not much to say this week. The weekend was quite and peaceful, and the highlight was cooking my first ever rack of spare ribs. I'd always been intimidated by them, but it turns out it's pretty simple. They turned out great; very tender and tasty.

It appears that is dead or dying; it's been down since last Monday with no hint that it will be back up. Fortunately, I'm able to keep in touch with a few friends I have made there via email. There are at least two very real possibilities for meeting up in the next couple of months, and the logistics won't be too daunting. Exciting times!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Weigh In

My weight this week is down from last week, but still not down to the low from the week prior. But that's okay, any movement down is good so I'm not complaining. I feel better about the week because I know I was watching my eating and I was exercising (lightly) through the week. It may be my imagination, but it felt like some of my more snug slacks felt a little looser around the waist. 

This week's weight:


Be sure to check in on my offerings for Flash Fiction Friday this week. Something about the picture and the theme spoke to me immediately, and I wrote the first of the stories in about 20 minutes. It just came to me almost as is, and I didn't have to do much editing to get under the word limit. The second story was already forming while I was writing the first one. I had to edit it a bit more, and it took some of the spark out of it (in my mind) but I'm still happy with it. They're two very different takes on the theme.

Get through the day as best you can, and have a good weekend y'all!