Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Football Game

I’m struggling to write what I want to write about this weekend because I’m writing this knowing that Simplicity and (probably) ZRob will be reading this before I post it. I could avoid any potential awkwardness by simply writing about the sex and how hot it was (oh, sorry, SPOILER ALERT: SEX WAS HAD) and that would be true, but it wouldn’t be the full truth. If I can’t write about the full truth, then I lose the biggest advantage writing gives me; the ability to work through things and try to make sense of my feelings about them.

So before I go any further, let me state for the record, especially to Simplicity and ZRob, that though the experience is shadowed somewhat by what I consider my own shortcomings and inadequacies, I did thoroughly enjoy our time together from beginning to end, and cannot think of any two people with whom I would rather have had this experience. Neither of you are responsible even a little bit for those shadows.

Another reason I can’t ignore everything else and only write about the sexual part is that, in my mind, everything had to do with the sexual part. It was the elephant in the room (or in the car) for the entire drive up Saturday whether we acknowledged it or not (and we did not.) When we laughed about Simplicity leaving her cell phone at Burger King, specifically in the Burger King trash bin (which she fortunately realized had happened before we’d left the area); when we laughed about how the address that my GPS followed flawlessly, taking us about 45 minutes out of the way to what the address should have been; when we made small talk all through dinner and in the hotel room later; everything, in my mind, was about the sexual part.

We’d gotten together back in July to talk about the trip to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field, but though I was able to speak a little bit to both Simplicity and Z separately about what might happen on the trip, I could never get a handle on getting all three of us to talk about it. The theme “play it by ear” came up a number of times, and it felt like it would jinx the whole thing if I pushed too hard to get us to openly talk about it.

I knew Simplicity was conflicted: on the one hand, a MMF threesome was a fantasy for her, and she was really excited about the possibility. On the other hand, she wasn’t sure that she would be able to handle the reality of it when the chips were down. 

I also knew that Z was conflicted; he really wanted this to happen, but felt like it wasn’t his place to initiate anything. He realized that he was along for the ride (at least in terms of the sex) and would go along with whatever happened, but clearly it would have felt like a missed opportunity if nothing did.

For my part, of course I was conflicted. That really shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you who’ve read, say, even 10% of my posts here; I’m always conflicted! In this case, I’d taken the responsibility for everyone else’s comfort and satisfaction upon myself (and again, I must stress that this is completely my fault; nobody asked me to do this, so I’m the only one to blame) and couldn’t get completely comfortable myself because of this. However, I was so concerned about seeming too pushy that I avoided starting the conversation that could get everything out in the open so that we all actually could be more comfortable and satisfied.

Left up to me, this weekend would have been not exactly a disaster, because it still would have been a weekend spent with two people I like a lot, but it would have been less satisfying. Fortunately, Simplicity is the hero of this tale. She recognized that Z and I, right or wrong, for whatever reason, weren’t going to make the first move. So with a little liquid courage, she took matters into her (ahem) own hands.

When Z went into the bathroom, Simplicity came to the bed I was sitting on and gave me a passionate kiss. She knows that sometimes I need just a small push to get me out of my own head, and it worked this time to perfection. I had one hand under her shirt pinching her nipples and the other hand up the leg of her short-shorts, rubbing her ass, when Z came back into the room.

Z’s smart enough to know when to shut up and enjoy the show (we’re similar in a lot of ways; this isn’t one of them), so he sat down on his bed and did just that. I stage whispered to Simplicity “I think he’s watching us” and she laughed and said “I hope so!” I tugged at her shirt a bit, and she took the hint and pulled it off, exposing her awesome tits to the both of us. Of course, I’ve seen them before, but it’s always a rush to see them again, and especially under these circumstances.
I asked her if Z could touch, and before she could finish saying “yes, of course” he was up and pulling on the nipple that I wasn’t already sucking. I had gotten my hand under her panties and was fingering her pussy, which was already soaking.

Simplicity pushed me back on the bed and lay down beside me, on her back, giving Z and I the space to really go to work on her. He and I alternated between kissing her and sucking on whichever nipple we could get to, while I continued to play with her under her shorts. After few minutes, I started working on pulling her shorts and panties off, and once that was accomplished I started to lick and nibble on her clit.

My favorite thing about sex with Simplicity is how responsive she is. You don’t have to ask if she likes something, because she is very vocal about what she likes and what’s working for her. This was working for her! I know this not only from the way she was squirming and moaning, but also from when she gasped “God, I love the attention!”

At this point I realized that Z and I were still dressed, so I said “There is entirely too much clothing going on!” and pulled my shirt off. Z was even quicker than I was, and by the time I was stepping out of my shorts, he was naked and back to kissing Simplicity and playing with her tits while she stroked his cock. I got between her legs, lifted them up, and entered her tight pussy with a hard thrust that got her moaning again. As I thrust in and out, the two of them were trying to work out how she could suck him, but the positioning was wrong and it wasn’t going to happen.

She rolled over so I could take her from behind, while Z sat so that her head was in his lap. Seeing her suck his cock while I was fucking her is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced, and it’s only because I’d gotten the right balance of alcohol (not too much to keep from getting hard, but enough to keep from coming immediately) that I was able to continue! I know it’s a total Frat-bro move, but Z and I high-fived at this point (sorry, Simplicity!)

I asked Z if he wanted to switch, and though he was loving the blow job, he quickly agreed. Watching as he fuck Simplicity while she sucked my cock was also right up there on the hottest things I’ve experienced! After a few minutes, we switched again. Soon, though, Simplicity was overwhelmed and exhausted, and needed to pee! So we took a break while everyone caught their breath.

The alcohol and late hour were catching up to me, though. I lay down in one bed while Z lay down in the other, and soon Simplicity joined me. We cuddled for a while, then Z got up to (I think) take a shower. I was near falling asleep and thought Simplicity was as well. When she asked if I was ready for round two, I woke up quickly enough!

I rolled over on top of her and entered her smoothly. I had her legs on my shoulders as I fucked her, first slow, then fast and rough, then slow again. At some point (I was losing track of time) Z came back out and sat on his bed, watching us. I glanced over and saw him playing with himself, and he smiled and said “It’s a great show!” I laughed and turned my attention back to Simplicity.

We fucked for several more minutes, until she asked me breathlessly to stop. I lay down, proud of a job well done, and Z thanked us for the show, and again said it was great. Simplicity and I cuddled together and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, we all woke up tired, hungry, and a little (or a lot) hung over. We showered (separately), got some food, and then headed out to go to the game. We walked among the tailgaters for an hour or so, drinking the beer we’d brought with us and talking with the various fans from both teams. Z and I are Cowboys fans, while Simplicity is (and apparently isn’t ashamed to admit it) a Redskins fan. We good-naturedly teased each other and everyone else about their teams and prospects of winning that day. A good time was had by all.

We had several beers during the game, but then I needed to switch to non-alcohol. I wasn’t sick, or even feeling particularly bad, but I wasn’t feeling 100% either. The sun was a little too bright, the air was a little too warm (except when the lovely breeze would blow through, making everything right for a brief time), and the crowd was a little too loud. After the game (the Cowboys won!) we made our way back to the train station to head back to the hotel. Trains are a good, inexpensive way to travel through an area like this, but they aren’t much good for making weary bones feel better.

After we got back to the room we rested a bit before heading out to get some dinner. Food made me feel much better, and I had a beer with a cigar when we got back to our room again. We watched more football, and then after I had a shower I slowly wound down. I think we were all kind of wondering if we should try for a repeat of the night before, but nobody had the energy to get started. We didn’t even have the energy to drink much.

Monday morning we got up and packed everything away, then headed out for breakfast. We came back to the room, loaded up my Pathfinder, then waited around a while to let traffic diminish some before heading out. (That turned out to be a good idea, based on the traffic reports we saw early that morning.)

We checked out and hit the road around 10, and after a fairly uneventful 4 hours (give or take), we were back to our neck of the woods. We said our goodbyes and I headed on home to start a load of wash and relax, and get wound down from the trip. When the wife got home, we went out for a bit of dinner, then came home and had a few drinks before going early to bed.

ZRob's Brief Take On the Weekend

I think we all had some "issues" going in. It was like we were teenagers on our first date that could be THE first time. We were all nervous, but once the fun started, we got into it and I, for one, had a great time.

Rob, you are right. Even though it was never stated, since you knew both of us before, you were in the lead position, if you will. To be honest, I stayed out of the second round because simplicity was enjoying it so much, that I didn't want to break her concentration. And, it was a good show :).

I do wish I had thought about the tag teaming that Simplicity talked about in her post, but I think the vodka got in the way. Of course, the vodka was the only reason that I didn't cum from the head I was getting.

There are a number of things I would probably do differently if the opportunity came up again. And if it does, one thing I will not miss out on again will be tasting Simplicity, even if I have to push Rob out of the way. That is my only regret from the weekend.


  1. While i appreciate being called the "hero" for taking the initiative, I know i didn't have anything else on my mind other than "i'm horny and it's time!" God! the recreation of this is hot to read but doesn't even approach how amazing it was!

    I can assure you the next time--PLEASE let there be a next time--things will be a lot more relaxed on my part and with slightly less alcohol. I felt kind of selfish as i know the focus was mostly on me...but it was incredible.

    Maybe next time let's skip the game and just play around in the Fundome!

  2. This makes so much sense, and thank you for not only writing about the sex (which seems to have been a great experience) but also about other aspects involved - not only in threesomes mind you!

    Sex is almost always a difficult topic of discussion, and talking about sex that will be had, before it's had, is even more tricky, since there is that risk of appearing to take things for granted that can never be taken for granted but will in fact always depend on mood, circumstances (and alcohol intake!).

    There is a notion that talking about sex beforehand will take away the magic, and I think it can well be the case - but it can also serve to make all involved parties feel more confident with regards to boundaries and consent, and will probably make it easier to clarify things as they arise.

    But how to create that open, allowing, honest and yet flirtatious and erotic air that's needed to talk about it, without taking away the feeling of going with the flow and letting things go in any direction as mood, attraction, arousal and opportunity combine in unpredictable ways? That is probably something that takes many hours of gradually opening up and finding a common ground. It's waaaay too much responsibility to lay on yourself.

    You three made it happen, that's a fantastic achievement. It will only get better - and probably easier to talk about - as you make it happen again - and again ;)

    Thank you for a well written and honest account!

    1. I have to agree with Anonymous. Having experienced my fair share of MFM threesomes over the years, and even when everyone involved knows that it is supposed to happen, there is that difficult first step. But has you guys found, once someone kicks it off, there is plenty of fun to be had. And, The Cowboys won!

  3. Oh Rob... I adore this post for so many reasons! Blogger sex is the best because it happens and it's hot, and then I get to read about it from two directions. Hubba hubba. So glad you folks found a way to wade through the emotional haze and find each other and enjoy each other! Wish I was a football fan...

  4. Thank you all for your replies!

    Sassy, you don't have to be a Football fan to join in on the fun; Simplicity and I agree that it's cheaper just to watch the game from the hotel pool and drink.

  5. I can't believe I missed commenting, but it is so fun to hear happy exploits of bloggers I know. I'm happy it worked out for you all, now on to round 2! (Hint, they have football in Los Angeles now)

  6. both my wife and I loved this post. We read Simplicity yesterday and as I read her account I could see Simplicity in her so many years ago when we had our first MFM threesome. He was the hero then because he took the lead and just seemed to know what to do. I know she was nervous as was Simplicity. Oh and goodness getting the right angle to dangle while fucking and sucking and all difficulty in concentration. Yet we had a great time as you seemed to have. Great read guys and gals!