Friday, April 1, 2016

Good Memories! (Oh, and Hey!)

Cande at "Diary of an Online Stripper" has a post up, titled Moregasms; as usual, it's very hot. She and her lover are fucking, and she's had several orgasms already, when he tells her about the time he fucked her as she was sleeping. That reminded me of the following:

Back in the mid 90s, and I think it was after the wife caught me cheating, the wife was working a lot of overtime hours. They were on mandatory 9 hours a day and could volunteer for 10, which she did, plus she would work 4 to 6 hours on the weekend when they let her. Unfortunately, that meant she was almost always too exhausted for sex, but I didn't complain too much; I was working steady at the time too, and for the first time in our lives we had real, disposable income without many debts, and was actually saving money. (That's since gone all to hell, but that's a different story.)

She'd usually leave significantly earlier than me in the mornings, which gave me plenty of time to browse the Bulletin Board Services (BBS; anybody remember those?) for whatever porn was availalbe. Modems back then were slow compared to today, so I was limited to images smaller than 50K or so; forget about GIFs or video clips! On a few occassions I'd sneakily rub another one out at night after the wife fell asleep, if I could get out of bed and into the computer room without waking her. She knew I was jacking it and for the most part was okay with it, but I tried not to make it too obvious because she felt bad about not doing (what she considered to be) her duty.

[Aside - I miss those days in my 30s when I could stroke myself to orgasm every morning, sometimes twice in the same day if I had time, and still be able to fuck the wife that night if she was up for it. These days, if I suspect the wife wants to have sex, I have to abstain from jacking off for a day or two in order to be ready. Frankly, I'd rather just jack off; it's quicker, less frustrating, and I don't have to worry about staying hard the whole time. I don't know if that's a commentary on growning older, or on just how it is in some marriages after 25+ years. - End aside]

One night I was horny as hell, with a hardon that would not go down. I thought about getting on the computer to take care of it, but it was late and I had to work the next day and I thought I should just go on to sleep. I would have just pounded it out right there, but I didn't have a cum towell on my side of the bed and didn't want to make a mess. Figuring it would go down eventually, I turned on my side and snuggled up big-spoon-style against the wife. Since we both sleep nude, this left me with my still hard cock nestled right up between the wife's butt cheeks which was not going to be an optimum way to make my hardon go away. I turned over to the other side and tried to sleep.

But dammit, I couldn't get comfortable on that side (my shoulder was aching) and, let's face it, my hardon was distracting the hell out of me! I rolled back over and snuggled up to the wife again, and tried to find some spot for my dick that wasn't right up next to where it wanted to be. Because I was so hard, though, I simply could not bend it in any way that was comfortable, so back between her but cheeks I went.

Now in that position, with me lying up higher than her, my dick was still being pressed down uncomfortably between us. I found that if I scootched down a bit, it would stick more upward position and still be between her thighs, right at the triangle area. Of course this also felt much better, and wasn't helping the situation any with how horny I was. I was starting to get tired myself, though, so I figured I'd drop right off, and sure enough I did...

for about 20 minutes. I woke up, still hard, and now my pre-cum was making things feel really interesting! My cock tends to drool quite a bit, and I discovered I was able to glide pretty well between the wife's thighs, with the top of my dick head rubbing across her mons. I probably could have even got off that way, but now I was getting ideas (and, yes, a little bit greedy.) I pulled back far enough to get my fingers down there, and oh so gently spreak my pre-cum around to her opening. When I felt that things were ready enough, I slowly got the head of my cock back in position and started to push forward. The pre-cum still on my cock, mixed with what I'd spread around her pussy, was really working well, and I knew I'd be in soon!

But it wasn't to be; still sleeping, she turned towards me, almost lying on her back (and also flinging her arm over and whacking me in the face!) I tried nudging her to roll her back over, but she was having none of that and stayed that way long enough that I eventually fell back to sleep. I vowed then that I would always have a cum towel on my side of the bed!

The next morning, I sheepishly told the wife about what had happened while we had our coffee. She laughed about it, and apologized for being too tired and said maybe I'd get lucky that night. I assured her that it wasn't her fault, and I apologized for having almost (in my mind) violated her without her consent. She laughed and said "I don't care, as long as you don't wake me up."

That night the wife fell asleep again before I could even start making any moves, but this time I was prepared; I had a cum towel. I thought about trying to fuck her while she slept, but I was tired too (not having gotten much sleep the night before) so I just rubbed one out and used the towel to clean up. The next morning she asked if I'd done anything, and I told her I "handled it" (giggity) myself. She actually seemed a little disappointed and again told me that she didn't care if I fucked her while she slept.

That night as we lay in bed I thought we were going to have sex. We were kissing while she stroked me and I played with her nipples, and I had another raging boner rarin' to go! But she was dozing off and pretty soon told me goodnight, rolled over, and within ten minutes was snoring. I watched TV for about 20 minutes, stroking my dick just enough to keep it hard. Tonight I was definitely going to fuck the wife while she slept, and I'd even got permission! Of course I had to be careful not to wake her, as that wouldn't be fair to her and, honestly, would kind of take the edge off of it.

When I determined she was in a pretty deep sleep, I turned to her and, like the first night, scootched down to give my cock the right angle. I again had enough pre-cum going to make sliding between her thighs at the triangle very pleasurable, and after a few minutes of that I reached down to move some of the wetness around. I don't know if it was just that I was producing more pre-cum or not, but she was already pretty wet, and I played with her with my fingers for a minute or two. I'd go about a knuckle deep into her pussy, then pull out and push it forward to tweek her clit a bit. I was still being mindful of going slow and gently to not wake her up, but it was definitely a lot of fun!

I figured that was enough of that, and it was time to get on with the show! I snuggled back up to her and pushed my dick forward... and she rolled over again! I was afraid she'd woken up, but she kept on snoring so I figured I was safe enough. But what was I going to do now! I tried nudging her over, but that didn't work any better than it had the first night so I gave that up. Thinking it wasn't going to happen, I had decided that I'd just rub one out and go to sleep. But, since she was in the position she was (on her back, lying up against me) I thought I'd play with her nipples and maybe rub her clit a little bit first. I didn't want to be the only one waking up frustrated the next morning!

Her nipples were already good and hard, and I was even able to get my lips and tongue to the right one to suck on it a little. When I reached down to her pussy, though, her legs were pretty tight together and I couldn't get much play in. I tried gently easing her legs apart, but in her sleep she was not being compliant at all! I ended up rubbing her bush just above her pussy, but that wasn't very satisfying.

Suddenly, she stirred and rolled over on her side again! She muttered something unintelligible, ground her teeth for a bit, then started snoozing again. I waited, almost breathlessly, for two or three minutes before getting back in position. I touched around her pussy opening to make sure she was still nice and lubed (she was!) and put my cock in the triangle area and started moving back and forth. When things were nice and slick I pulled back to try to line everything up, pushed forward, and slipped right back to the same position. Not that it felt bad, but I wasn't in her! I tried several more times, over a period of seven or eight minutes, but everytime I thought I was going to get in this time, my dick would slide past the opening again. Even when I tried assisting with my hand, pointing him more forcefully towards his goal (ever mindful of being gentle and not waking the wife up) it just wasn't happening.

I took a moment to assess the situation and figure out what was wrong. I'd been so focused on getting my cock in her pussy that I hadn't paid as much attention to her body position. When I thought about it a bit, I realized that her top (right) leg was not on her bottom (left) leg but was pushed forward past it just a little. That meant I wasn't lined up right relative to her; that's why I couldn't get in. I thought if I raised up on my elbow and thrust my hips up a bit, I could maybe get the angle right. I was leaner, and in better shape back then, but even so it was a tall order, and it just wasn't happening.

I lay back down and thought I'd try one more time to get it in, and if it didn't work I'd jack off and call it a night. I lined up without much real hope, and pushed forward, pushing up a little harder on my dick than I had before. I was right at her opening, but couldn't quite get the head to pop in, and I don't mind telling you I was almost on the point of tears with the frustration. I was just going to give up when she shifted slightly, putting her right leg on top of her left.

Oh.My.God! That little movement was enough, and I was suddenly buried to the hilt in my wife's warm, wet, inviting pussy! Oh.My.GAWD! I almost came right then and there, just from the sheer ecstasy of working at it for so long, getting almost to the point of giving up, and suddenly finding myself there! I paused for a few seconds to make sure she wasn't awake; her breathing was just as before, slow and steady with a light snore. When I'd calmed down a bit, and wasn't in danger of coming, I started slowly fucking her.

Everything was wet and squelchy, and warm, and I'd been so goddamned horny! I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I reached behind me for my cum towel so I could minimize the mess. It wasn't there! I remembered I'd used it the night before and thrown it in the hamper. The wife had two or three on her side of the bed, but I couldn't reach them from where I was, obviously! I spent several moments considering my options, while continuing to alternate between fucking her and stopping to avoid coming. Originally I'd intended to pull out and come into a towel to minimuze the mess. As soon as I'd buried my cock in her pussy, I knew I was going to come in her, but still needed a towel to clean up. I thought about just coming, then getting up for the towel but that was going to make for a hell of a wet spot, and I'm nothing if not considerate!

I'd reached the point where I knew I couldn't push my luck much further; no amount of baseball stats or thinking of mutilated Barbie dolls was going to keep me from blowing my load soon. I reluctantlly pulled out of the wife and slowly eased out of bed, and crept over to her side, wang swinging back and forth, to get a towel. I went back to my side of the bed and eased back under the covers, towel at the ready, and got back in position. I'd decided that if I had any trouble getting back in her pussy I'd just jack off into the towel. I considered myself lucky to have gotten what I had, and though I wanted to get back in, if it didn... holy shit, I was back in! I slid in without any problems whatsoever, and it was heavenly as it was the first time! Two pumps later I came so hard my nuts ached! I was gripping the wifes hips, pulling her hard back into me; I don't know how she didn't wake up from that.

When my spasms subsided, I worked the towel down to our joined genitals and slowly pulled back and out. I wanted to catch as much of the cum as I could, but it was still just a mess. I made some half-hearted attempts to wipe the wife clean and get up any that might have gotten on the bed, but it was now going on midnight and I was spent! I chucked the towel in the direction of the hamper (missed it, of course) and fell promptly asleep.

The next morning, the wife's alarm woke us both up at the same time. I was still snuggling her, and kissed her on the neck. She asked "Did you do anything?" but before I answered she reached down and felt her pussy. "Uh, yea, I guess you did! It's messy!" I chuckled and apologized, and got up for another towel to help her clean up. I tried to talk her into letting me help her get off, but she declined saying she had to get ready for work. She seemed pleased, despite the mess, that I'd done it and was impressed that I hadn't woke her up.

Soon her work got caught up, and she wasn't working as much overtime, so we were able to get back to semi-regular sex. Still, over the years, I would occassionaly try to fuck her while she slept, but always with her consent. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't, but it was fun trying either way. Sex when we both wanted it and were both awake was better, but it was a nice thrill now and then to know I was getting off on (and in) her while she was unaware of it.

I haven't done that in a long time now, and most likely won't again, but damn it was good when it works!


  1. Wowzers... what a story! So glad to see you writing again, and about such a hot night.

  2. a fun post and lot of patience. my wife gets cold at 70 degrees so there are always too many layers, but i like how you and your wife worked it out.

  3. LMFAO. Either all men are alike, or we are twins.

    So much of what you said is my life...

    I now prepare my self for impending sex by not masturbating for minimum of two days.

    I got the little blue pill so I have less of a chance of going soft with the wife of 25 years.

    I slowly masturbate next to my sleeping wife and always have a good cum towel.

    I have attempted sleep sex at her bidding but she is a fucking grump when she is asleep and wakes up thrashing no matter what I do...we have a California king so we don't have to be near each other...

    Good to hear from you again.